Lego Loot

by Legobumb
Loot system and RNG-rolled stats on items for an RPG style game.
Thanks for sharing it. I was trying roll my own and realized it was a bit tougher than I originally thought. As I'm reviewing the code, I'm trying to make sense of the multiplier variable. What's it for or what should the player get from the displayed value?
The multiplier variable on stats and attributes is the increase them by a percentage rather than a static value like the modifier variable does. Let's say you find a dagger that has a +20% to dexterity trait as opposed to a shield that has a +200 hp trait. Your character has a base 100 hp and 10 dexterity. You equip both the dagger and shield and now you'll have an effective hp of 300 and effective dexterity of 12. All of this is demonstrated in the demo, by the way.

Sorry for the late reply.