Into This World

by Legacy of Caine
What would happen if you were thrust into a world of myth and magic?
Into This World is set in a world filled with magic and danger, the discovery of mana gave civilisations a fighting chance against the wilderness and otherworldly forces.

With a diverse class system, begin your adventure as one of three classes. Through your choices, discoveries and achievements unlock additional classes. Meet secret requirements to unlock prestige classes and reach new pinacles of power.

Follow a branching main story to discover the lore of the world. Become an S-class adventurer, combat the political battles of nobles and royalty, or become an outcast and join an opposing faction.

Beasts protect their habitats, enfused with mana they hold the strength to provide challenges to even the hardiest of adventurers. The lucky few who manage to obtain a beast's core are able to harness the beast's power and draw upon it in strife.

Dungeons hold unimaginable wealth, however only the strongest adventurers can reach their depths. With a variety of puzzles and challenging boss encounters, adventurers have found it safer to gather into parties.