Into This World

by Legacy of Caine
What would happen if you were thrust into a world of myth and magic?
An occult RPG, set in the modern day. Into This World introduces you to the a world of mythology, magic and possibility. Start off as a member of the uninitiated before delving into the depths of the abyss.

Combat is based off of a customised and automated D20 format, combat the world of magic to increase your power level and improve your attributes. Make saving throws to avoid disaster and navigate through a political landscape where your presence can have an impact.

Discover the arcane to become a spellcasting witch/wizard, live a life of good deeds to ascend as a guardian angel, take every opportunity to be a villain and have your soul corrupted when you pass away to become a demon or even be intiated into darkness as a vampire.

As your awareness increases, mystical dungeons leading to another dimension will make themselves known. Conquer them to gain otherworldy power and artifacts, giving you an advantage against your foes.