Fantastic Martial World

by Lawpiecla1
A game inspired by Wuxia and Xianxia novels
The latest version of Fantastic Martial World has seen a very significant change; the introduction of a permanent death system. At the moment, the system does a number of things, the first of which being exactly what it says on the tin.

In addition to the permanent death of characters, players can now accumulate Karma values based on the actions they take while playing. Doing quests for NPCs will improve one's Karma, while actions such as attacking innocents and bullying weaker players will reduce Karma.

Karma has a number of important functions, the most significant being that it will affect your next character when your current one dies under the permadeath mechanic. Higher Karma values will result in boosted talent values, and a number of other bonuses to aid the player. Karma is consumed in this process, being wiped clean while providing benefits. Negative Karma values, on the other hand, will persist from one life to the next, bringing every disadvantage associated along with them.

The primary aim of this system is to set the stage for future mechanics that will tie into the existence of permanent deaths. I have taken effort to prevent the abuse of this system by toxic players to grief others, and will continue to do so in the future. My number one priority at all times is to create a world which everyone can enjoy, and I have no intention of tolerating individuals who seek their own enjoyment at the detriment of others.

I hope everyone can enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoy making it.

You can provide feedback and keep up to date with the status of the game at the Fantastic Martial World discord, which you can join with this link;
Update 1/29/22

Certain changes have been made that introduce a "Body" tab to players. For the moment, the tab and the system related to it have a minor role in the game, but this role will eventually be expanded to allow for great customization and distinct differences between the abilities and playstyles of different individuals. Perhaps more significantly, this system is intended to tie into the permadeath system introduced in the last update, providing a potential way to keep all of a player's efforts from going to waste.

Other than this, certain minor bugs and formatting issues have been resolved. Certain changes have been made to a small number of clans to improve their sense of individuality.
Update 2/1/22

Major changes have been made to the alchemy system, making for a much more immersive experience. In addition, you will find the effects of Karma to be more pronounced and extensive.

Another major update includes the addition of a Beast race, though much work remains to be done to realize my complete vision of the race.

As always, your feedback is encouraged and can be conveniently shared on the Fantastic Martial World Discord;