Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
  • Nest; Can now target tiles that contain units (including yourself).

  • Ki Awoken; 'Overload' effect of stunning and ending the status removed.

  • Absolute Stances; FP per round changed to 10 (from 15). These skills are also now Airborne Compatible.

  • Blue Ki Controllers; Now is part of the Like A Dragon set, due to popular demand.
  • Ninja Kote; Mozu Otoshi now cannot be parried and it ignores evasion (because you can't dodge the ground).

  • For Medis, Relei, and Radigal; Increased basic rarity equipment drop rate. Added a 'high rarity' drop chance to their loot table. Added an existing item that is applicable to the respective boss' enchant to their loot table.
  • Monsters with a level higher than 60 now have a higher minimum item drop rarity (based on level, up to 4 rarity minimum).
  • Increased maximum number of high level enemies that can spawn in level 40 ~ 60 dungeons, and a few level 20 ~ 40 dungeons, on Korvara.
  • Additional adjustments/PvE features will be added in future updates.

Event Tools
  • Added a new linked object for lighting (/obj/placeable/linked_obj/ignore_mouse/light_circle), which is similar to the other ignore_mouse obj, except this spawns a lighting circle that can be customized.

  • Rainbow Ki's aura effect is now transparent to the mouse.
  • Gathering success rate for enemy corpses is now 35% (from 25%).
  • Added a 'toggle-conceal' verb for items; this individualized setting allows items that would normally be concealed by the Concealment talent to be viewed in your profile, but still hiding information that would be hidden by that talent. (IE, it'll only show things like weapon type, name, description, and icon).
  • Added a weapon icon display for; basic attacks, damage instances, Special Strike triggers.
  • Item descriptions now use 515's support for rendering obj references in the browser. (You won't notice anything different! Means that the item icons don't get dropped into the cache though.)
  • Automated Shopkeeper's manage shop menu now leverages the same as above, making it much more responsive and allowing it to properly render custom icons and 'new' items.
  • Black Spirits have been changed so that regardless of mass or single, they all give +5% damage to the specified race. (Older spirits may have outdated descriptions.)

- Fixed a bug where Edit Mode wouldn't properly update the scale field when clicking on a new object.
- Fixed a bug where monster allies that were created (such as via Jade Insect Whistle) or converted would persist in the party list, creating issues upon starting a new battle.
- Fixed a bug where all parties in a battle simultaneously being incapacitated would cause the battle to freeze.
- Fixed Wear Down (potential skill)'s description as it erroneously said Wear Down (status) reduced Armor by 5 x LV instead of just LV.
- Various forum bug fixes.