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I have a feeling the server won't be back for a week
Seventh, reply to my pager please!
Seven can you please unban me from era of the shinobi. I was banned because I was acting like a troll and use mushi dama on someone to knock them down. An admin was there and decided to take away my jutsu and I was fine with that. Than this same admin decides that is not enough and takes it to far and also bans me. Her/Him reason was because I was a nuisance. Please either speak with this admin who was Kaguya, Rekka something. Or unban me and let me talk with her I already apologized for my actions. I really was a serious rper if anyone checks my logs EssentialManic1:Aburame, Shinju. Please I just want to get back to rp I will not do such actions again.
Can I get the host files