Pokemon Battle Force

by NuclearBlast
Pokemon Battle Force
Version 4.1! Many new additions on the way! Original Byond Pokemon game!

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Visit the forum for the latest news on the updates, events, and activities on PBF.

Read the in game rule book for the most up-to-date list of rules.

GM Rules/Gymleader
*Keep Announcements to a minimum
*Refrain from Booting without reason
*Refrain from Jailing without reason
*Events must be approved by Owner or Event coordinator prior to event.
*Try to avoid argument that will cause abuse
*Open your gym at least once a day or you will be replaced.
*Don't be lazy and help player

Special Thanks To
Scarface for Hub Template
Brendan for Icons
Edetha for Turfs

Copyright 2007-2009 Pokemon Battle Force Productions. All rights reserved. Nothing may be ripped/copied/used before asking the owner NuclearBlast. All work (Icons, code, gfx screens and mapping) are done by the Pokemon: Battle Force staff.
This Game Kicks ASS!
hey can you tell me how to catch pokemon fast
BYOND needs a game that ACTUALLY plays like the real games
all of the games on byond qwork for me but not this one!!! i used to love playign this but this happens!!
-.- closed since some decided to start advertising -.-
leave ray alone, he is removing all your turfs ect from his game
Anagramad wrote:
leave ray alone, he is removing all your turfs ect from his game

Heh I didn't do a thing, just made it a point that he stole material, then tried to cover it up by lying that we permitted his thievery as long as he gave us credit.
Pbf is way better then shadow realms This game has moving npc pokemon and Gay PSR Doesnt when my game comes up on beta test it will be way better then PSR.Psr is a rip of PU
Nuclear whats your msn
i want to ask you how to fix a bug on my Game
Bobbyawesome wrote:
i want to ask you how to fix a bug on my Game

No you fucktard, go fucking learn how to program instead of bugging poeple to help you out.
Whatever you say darryix aka dark inc aka the person i dont know so it has to be someone who hates me alt aka lord gahl aka the person who says that his alts are his friends and cousin and aka fight for supremacy
lol Mr.So called Lil-Diamond(Dark Inc.,Lord Gahid etc) thinks he can program rofl every knows hes a ripper one of the biggest fags of the lot and hes advising a young 11 year old kid to program when this fag is 16 and can't do it himself !get a life Mr.Diamond your not worth diamonds your worth shit.
seriously when is this game gunna be back up... i been waiting so long for it lol.. its so fun :DD
Funny how you fags accuse me of Darryl and that gihad guy or something. Do i look like him? He can't code neither pixel. I can that's the difference between us.
when this gameing comeing back up
is this game ever coming back
Aceraptor wrote:
is this game ever coming back

It is i'm the new owner who's working on the new version now.

awesome i would love to help you out