by Lummox JR
A board game of world conquest
Current version: beta 0.66

Incursion is still incomplete and will undergo official tests from time to time until it's finished.

Incursion is a multiplayer conquest game, currently a bit similar to Risk. Players vie for control of the board. Resources are used to buy cards, which in turn can buy reinforcements or advantages in battle.

Coming in the next update: A new dice mechanic that makes games faster and more fun!
When I try to run the game in DD it gets stuck on "Initializing." When I try to log into the server with DS it says it's waiting for the host. Doesn't matter if I connect via LAN or WAN.
Incursion in its present version isn't intended to run in DD directly. To work in DD it has to be launched from a DS instance. This is because the game makes a big deal of who its host is, and wasn't available at the time that was done.
And heaven forbid we update the game.
Just fired it up and played against myself for a bit. I know the game has been around for a while so I was pretty impressed with some of the interface mechanics. I find myself compelled to offer some updates if you're interested. I'm needing a to fulfill my annual "dev distraction" quota and sort of re-stumbled across this while reviewing strategy games.

Rough Order:
- Update the interface to 4.0. Nothing to flashy. Just replace the old tab interface with various window (panes). I would go after a no-popup design. I would use solid backgrounds or utilizing existing backgrounds.

- Add an alternative game mode where players choose all their movements/attacks/retreats and then watch the round play out as attacks happen back and forth. Rolling the dice would become an automated step. Keeping the dice visuals, effects, sounds, and pace are important.

- As part of the additional game mode, I would look into speeding up all aspects of unit selection, attacks, movements, and etc.

- Add AI for the alternative game mode.

- If the above features are added, it would also be interesting to expand the map generation. Depends on how the game plays out. I would also host the game for a lengthy duration as well.

- Any other feature adds that you have sitting around?

As for trust and agreements, I won't share anything about the project without your consent. That includes everything from discussing it, sharing screenshots, hosting it, source, and etc. I'd ask that you review, approve, and post any and all changes. All changes would come to you fully documented, commented, and tested. Your input and direction would dictate final design choices.

With all that, I can't promise a whole lot without getting more familiar with the code base.

If for any reason, I decide not to pursue the project or you request that I stop, I will delete the project files and communicate this with you.

No big deal. I understand hesitancy to share projects and wouldn't blame you for not being interested. I don't even know if your still around or not. Let me know. If anything, just consider these some feature requests from an interested player.
Sooo.. is it on the cards to get Incursion back online at any point in the future?
The game is downloadable and hostable by anyone in its current form. The new version needs more testing but I haven't been able to get back to it.
Ah, ok then.
As for hosting.. i guess i'll have to see about trying that out at some point.
Can you enable hosting this via DM :(?
I was hosting it 24/7
But servers cose, allow just hosting, and PM me, and i will host it again.
This game is no longer downloadable. Pager reports that the Download failed. Installation failed. Downloading the zip returns

Error: The download server returned error status 500.
In response to Xooxer
Ah, you're right. I'll have to move the files over.

This is part of a larger issue where some of Shadowdarke's stuff is inaccessible as well. I'll get to that soon.
Oh. That's unfortunate. Shadowdarke had some great stuff. I still use some of his libs.
I plan to fix it. The issue is the old subdomains went dark, but I still have access to those files, so I'll grab them and put them back online.
Ah, that makes sense. I was having trouble uploading a package to my files. I see now why. No worries. I'm sure you have a lot on your plate.