Rise Of Heroes

by Xerse
Rise Of Heroes
Rise of Heroes, the ultimate BYOND RPG. Battle hordes of monsters through caves, forests, and dungeons while exploring a vast world full of treasures!
The website above shows detailed game info.

This game is a FAST PACED rpg.
Use macros well!
(Go to Option/Preferences, Macros tab:
Push a key you wish to be a hotkey,
type the verb (such as firebolt),
now push that key as a hotkey in the game!)

Four classes: Warrior, Monk, Mage, or Wizard.
Hundreds of weapons and armors.
Four cities and dozens of areas with monsters.
15+ unique spells.
40+ hours of gameplay.

I am putting putting up the File for Download now so that you can run your own game and host.

If you would like to host for this game, just get people to join your game and host for them.

I do not pwipe.

Leveling your characters will level only your characters on that server. There may be multiple servers. Keep in mind that your players will not be updated on all the servers as you level on a certain server.

Thanks to everyone who has played and hosted Rise of Heroes in my absense. Recently I have gotten a new job, and as such, will not have much time to dedicate to freeware games for the time being. I may return in the distant future to produce more games, but as for now, I am not working on RoH, RoH2, RoH for Java, or RoH 3D. I may go back to RoH 3D in the future.

The newest version (7) contains both the added area Pandemonium, and a new unique shield, ExPeriEncE. ExPeriEncE can only be found in Pandemonium. The Mmbahfather can also be found in Pandemonium.

I've been too busy with work and real life to deal with Rise of Heroes right now. The game is what it is. I'm done dealing with it. Enjoy!

Rise of Heroes is open source now.
Here are the source files:
Xerse's version rocked. Although his code style wasn't to my liking, he is still an awesome game designer
The hosts should have some kind of power
deos any1 remember that ultimate version or watever they called it
Yeah, I think it was called, Rise Of Heroes: The Ultimate Advance
By Superbike
Something rather like that, no?
I'm going to remake this from the ground up to eliminate lag. (And to add awesome stuffs.) I'm going to call it Rise of Heroes 2, but host it here in honor of Xerse's creation. :3
Vincent I didnt mute Avoid I just went off cause i was pissed and needed to calm down cause there are alot of people on this game that makes u wanna explode (Vetrix) (Kenshin) Im jusy saying i did not mute avoid
x3 to everyone that remembers Rise of Heroes Ultimate its coming back online soon Chaokai is working on his server and just needs to beta test it to find bugs so all u hold out till then :)
I can not join a server for some reason can get some help with that?
I cant join either lol
why wont anyone host eh version where you can buy stuff that makes it so you can heal hp/mp over time? Loved the virsion
sucks for you
To everyone who cant join due to out-dated downloads goto byond.com/download and download the beta release.
I'm creating a tribute game from the ground up with new programming and all new sprites and tile sets courtesy of DungeonDan in honor of my first BYOND RPG addiction, Rise of Heroes.

You can find the hub here and a blog post I made today about the progress here.

I'll also have a forum up, but you can go to my member's page and start a comment thread if you like on my member's forum.

I'll let you guys know how it's coming. I'll keep to the fun and traditional gameplay while adding a new, innovative twist.

Edit: here is the forum.
I wanna host, how do I get admin on it?
im not playing this game until they...
1:fix the BS attack glitch the enemys have on regenerated
2:get the a non regenerated server online that you can join
Note to regenerated host/owner.w/e
fix your BS enemy attack rate glitch
Why want a original server?

And yeah, the attack glitch can be annoying, however when attacked by a glitched monster you also gain attack speed so thats rather evened out i guess

Just think of them like mages who are using insight

if you cant take them just move a area back tbh
For all players of roh!

Most of you remember my server 'ROH Ultimate' and i finally decided to post the source of for public use.
You may use it all ways you like to, i admit its a little bit messy but i hope you guys like it.

(click on the download link in description)

Greetings Chaokai
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