Bleach Shinsen

by Matt3151
Bleach Shinsen
Game by the Staff of Naruto the Final Battle!
Ok~ Now then, I would first like to say thank you for reading the HUB of this soon to be great game, also I would like to take this time to say that Yes, this is a RIP, this was made using the Bleach, Souls of Choas Source, and I wont go around claiming that this game was made from nothing, or anything like that,
However, I am Going to be Recoding this game, and Replacing Icons, with our (Kalak's) Icons,
so if I do say that the Icons are mine/ours/Kalak's, then it would be True ;P

More Info!
I would like to tell anyone and everyone reading this, that this game, wont be like the other Rips out there, None of that fast training, Test taking for a Sword...Adding in stuff that isnt from the Anime/Manga.

Guess I should start telling you guys what I've been working on so here it goes, hopefully it wont leave a Message with me saying come to my game, because its "Amount of times the other games have said they are better then a game they havnt even played yet" x better then every other game ;P



Isashu - GFX
Kitty - Idea's
Kalak - Iconner
Treak - Iconner
Matt - Coder


WARNING - This game uses sound files, so if the download seems a bit long, please wait!
if you want to skip the wait you may turn the sound files off via BYOND Pager, however, you will miss some of the Great part of the game
wen's coming out?
This game should me hosted 24/7.Alot of people would play. Find a host man.
Bring this game back!
Best bleach game i ever played . i would love to see it back up sometime.