Dragonball Z: Re-Defined

by Ss4 core
Dragonball Z: Re-Defined
We are back again! This game will be not be worked on or updated any further. Check out the new Dragonball: Re-Defined II!
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~Version 2.1~

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This Game Been pretty good for a Solid 4 Years, Ever since I've played it a long time ago, Core has Added New Updates, To get the game come to life, The sad part is no one wants to try a game, that takes Leveling to a whole new level, He Remade Most of the Icons, and is Still updating at this point.
The Game is Still fun, People just want something else.
Well, I have sad news. I was recently informed the source has been lost. There for the game shall never see light again. This is truly a tragedy and I hope one day a game will come up that even begins to compare to this game. Goodbye, Re-Defined.
I have just had a change in news. Apparently, the amazing owner SS4 Core has just found an old version of the game!!! HURRAY!!!!!!
I want to actually host the game. =(
Found the files to Re-Defined... It will be hosted soon!
Ss4 core wrote:
Found the files to Re-Defined... It will be hosted soon!

Server needs to be rebooted and east city is messed up I randomly get muted,Whenever your in that warp kamehameha thing the players in game and byond key shows up
So when will it be up?
can someone host this? i miss this game. lol
Please bring this game back