New Age

by Demonic Eyed Kyo
New Age
World Wide Adventures.
Admin Application
Key; Dark0rock
In-Game Name; Meruka
Timezone; GMT+10
What I could do to help?; I have an great understanding in punishment procedures, not just banning people straight up. I find it convenient for the people around my timezone so they can have an admin on to help them out instead of staying up to ridiculously late times to wait for an admin. I am an trustworthy person, I would never abuse to benefit myself or others in anyway shape or form. But best of all, I'm a friendly person and easy to get along with.
yo this is smokey just trying my luck i wanna apply (im not that formal sorry)
Admin Application
Key: Supreme Vasto Lorde-kegi
In_Dame Name: Bald
What I could help in is the eradication of afk trainers cause if you gonna play a game and lvl, atleast do it the fair way. I'm constantly on training so I won't miss much. I've admin'd for New Era and a couple other davif games so im somewhat experienced. Last but not least im a pretty decent iconner so if u need help im there.
Thnx for hearing me out
Hi, Timeiz here.. i want to apply to be a GM i played ROTP my name there is Peace so yea.. i think you know me but yea im applying im a fair player btw and if im gonna be a GM im gonna enforce the rules then follow and check afk trainers.
why cant i join the game?
lol got banned for killing failhost.
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