Pokemon Black Thunder Realms

by Khpbeatkiller
Pokemon Black Thunder Realms
Back Again.



Go check out the video on the rare item's and how to use them.
Here Is The Video For The Mirage Glasses And The Rainbow Wing.


Special thanks to Someone101 and Annalycia for their great icons!

Special thanks to Momo for her greats icons!

Update will consist Of:Team leaders can now warp to there base, Hilbert and Hilda are now playable with, Team Plasma, Plasma Gymleader, new Area with Team Plasma Base and Plasma GYM, new pokemons and new icons.
Last Update Was Made Saturday ,
June 10 2012.

...Welcome to ~!Pokemon Black Thunder Realms______________________________________________
-This game include's A
-Thunder Elite 4New!
-Brand New Pokemon training system where you have to kill the pokemon to level up the old one is still there tho.New!
-Professor Oak, Officer Jenny Right click them to talk to emNew!
-Safari ZoneNew!
-Rp town and RolePlay Gym leader has been added.New!
-Emoticone Tab Has Been Added.
-Elite Four Tab Has Been Added.
-Team magma and Aqua base.
-Game Owner's Room.
-Fast pokemon training.
-Alot of tourney's.
-Sky city including Sky(where the only rayquaza is)
-Mirage island has been added.
-Origin cave where kyogre and groundoun rests.
-Power Plant has just been added.
-Team Rocket/Nevic team has been added.
-Mewtwo Mountain has been added.
-Celebi's house has been added.
-Team Rocket and Nevic Base has been added.
-Gm base has been added.
-Ruin's of Alph has been added.
-Lake Of Rage Has Been Added.
-E4 House's.
-E4 Arena.
-Ghost Town.
-Ghost Tower.
-Seafoam Island.
-Tin Tower.
-Icy Cave.
-Dragon Scale,Soul Dew,Ruby,Sapphire,Blue Orb item's has been added they can be used has a tourney price or a Key to go some place's.
-Dragon Scale Can be used to go and fight the E4's.
-Ruby can be used to go and catch Groundoun in the origin cave.
-Sapphire can be used to catch Kyogre in the origin cave.
-AFK Button Has been Added.
-And the Blue Orb Can be use to get in the Seafoam cave.
-Eevee Town has been added.
-Hell Gym and Eevee Gym Has been added.
-HMJ NPC Helper Has Been Added.
-These are the recently added team's:Hunter,Ranger&Galactic&Emerald.
-The Team Galactic,Emerald,Pokemon ranger's And Hunter base has been added.
-Arceus Hideout With Palkia,Dialga,Uxie, Mesprit And Origin Giratina.(Hint:North Side Of Inside of the ruin's of alph then go west u will see a dark path)
-The Cant hold more then 6Pokemon Bug has been fixed.
-Repeat Ball,Nest Ball,Net Ball,Dive Ball&Premier Ball has been added.
-These are the BUY ABLE pokeballs in the mart that just has been added:"Repeat Ball,Nest Ball,Net Ball,Dive Ball".
Legendary Gym Leader Has Been Added.
-New Item's For House's Has Been Added.
-Whirl Island Has Been Added.
-Silver Wing Has Been Added.
-Reshivee(Reshiram fused with eevee,Reshiram,Zerkram,Primal Dialga,Red Gyarados,Shiny Raikou,Shadow Draniti,Origin Giratina,Gyarados,Milotic,All The Unown's,Wailord,Shiny Walrein,Regigas,Giratina,Shiny Butterfree,Shiny Munchlax,Dragonice(Dragonite fused with a regice),Darkgar(Darkrai fused with gengar),Articunair(Articuno fused with a Dragonair),Mecha mewtwo,Blazeangel(Angel blaziken_,Blazamence(Fire blastoise fused with Salamence),Arceus,Bayletto(Bayleef fused with a pidgeot),Dark Eevgel,Pikakip(Pikachu fused with a mudkip),Totodile,Lapras,Shiny Latias,Latias,Steelix.rw4,Shiny Blastoise&Golden Absol has been added.
-Heartgold/SoulSilver icon's has been added in (only 4% is turf and the 1% is an icon).
-Heaven Gym Has Been Added.
If you wanna be apart of the Admin Or Gm's Team DON'T ask for it it will only minimize your chances.
-Co Owner/Coder:Aden:Pom583
-Head Admin & Host :Sam
-Admin 2:Ritachi
-Admin :Allison
~Good Old Times~
~Good Times~
That was made Some Friday Around 1AM Lol.
Thunder Gym leader In the Pic:Stryker Z
Blue Haired Rival From Silver And Gold:Tylight
Shiny Haired Claire E4 Dragon Looking Girl:Momo <--Special
-Nevic Leader Guy In Black Suit:Bonez
Dude With Blue Shirt And Blue Hair:Travis
Last Guy Near The Gyarados:HMJ <--Coolness .

-Head Admin/Iconner:Mosica
-Head Admin:-|Greed|-
-Head Admin:-|Jimmy|-
-Head GM:Open

Do not summon players out of places they can walk.
Do not summon pokemons if you need them.
Do not mute / blind / perm freeze players because you hate them.
Do not bring ppl to GM Room it isn't a Safari.
Do not take Org Balls in the GM Room and give them to players you can take them but dont ever drop them to players.
Do not FLOAT Place you arent supposed to go Example:Aqua Galactic Magma Team Rocket Ranger Base ETC And Take There Prize In There Base.
Do not ban ppl for no reason he will report you to me.
Do not give players admin.
Do not catch reshiram or zerkram or dont create reshiram/zerkram or dont teleport or summon them if you want one come to me ME ONLY and i will give you one who isn't for the player.
AND DO NOT NOT ENJOY YOUR ADMIN POWER'S ^^______________________________________________
House1 In new Built City:
House2 In New Built City:
House3 In New Built City:
House4 In New Built City:
House1 in Ghost City:
House2 In Ghost City:
House3 In Ghost City:
House4 In Ghost City:

House1 In New Realms Town:
House1 In Eevee Town:
House2 In Eevee Town:
House3 In Eevee Town:
House4 In Eevee Town:
House5 In Eevee Town:
House6 In Eevee Town:
House7 In Eevee Town:
House8 In Eevee Town:

House1 In Random City:
House2 In Random City:
House3 In Random City:
House4 In Random City:

House1 In Galactic City:

House In Thunder Realms City:HMJ

NOTE:You Will Need To Have 8 Gym Badges To Battle The E4.

Read This if You Wanna Be a GYM Leader or an Elite four or a Organization Leader.

-RolePlay GL=1Dialga 1Palkia And 8 Thunder Type Pokemon level 20000(None Pwiped)
-Water GL=10Water Type Pokemon level 20000(None Pwiped)
-Fighting GL=10Fighting Type Pokemon level 20000(None Pwiped)
-Rock GL=10Rock Type Pokemon Level 20000(None Pwiped)
-Thunder GL=10Thunder Type Pokemon Level 20000(None Pwiped)
-Rainbow GL=10Random Type Pokemon Level 20000(CMC97 (CMC97))
-Fire GL=10Fire Type Pokemon Level 20000(Red)(Magma Red)
-Grass GL=10Grass Or normal Type Pokemon Level 20000(None Pwiped)
-Dark GL=5Dark & 5 Ghost Type Pokemon Level 20000(Xavier (Action0))
-Ice GL=10Ice Type Pokemon Level 20000(None Pwiped)
-Flying GL=10Flying Type Pokemon Level 20000(Kinqqfloo Kinqqfloo2)
-Dragon GL=10Dragon Type Pokemon Level 20000(None Pwiped)
-Moon GL=10Moon Type Pokemon Level 20000(NONE PWIPED)
-Hell GL=5Fire and 4Rock and 1 mudkip lol Pokemon Level 20000(None Pwiped)
-Eevee GL=10 Eevee'S Level 20000(NONE PWIPED)
(Note:If you want a eevee gl you can have any evolution's eevee evolve's into.)
-Storm GL=5Flying and 5WaterOrIce Type Pokemon Level 20000(Ice King (Obasi0214))
-Ghost GL=10Ghost Type Pokemon Level 20000((None Pwiped)
-Poison GL=10Poison Type Pokemon Level 20000(Koi (Espeon208))
-Legendary GL=10Legendary Pokemon Level 30000(Axus (Timothyg015))
-Plasma GL=3 Fire Types and 3 Thunder Types
Pokemon Level 150000(Greed)
-Heaven GL=1Fire,1Water,1Ground And 1Thunder Type Pokemon Level 100000(Ddssaar (Ddssaar))New!

NOTE:You Will Need To Ask
The Trainer Who Is Challenging
You To Show You There 8 Badge's
Before Fighting With Them If
They Dont Have The 8 Badges

Note:To Prove that the fighter
defeated you you will have to
give you're E4 Badge to your
opponent only if he won.

Only 4 Elite Four Of Your Choice need to be defeated to fight the champ.

Elite Four's
-Ice=6Ice Type Pokemon Level 40000(None Pwiped)
-Fighting=6Fighting Type Pokemon Level 40000(Nick488 (Nick488))
-Poison/Grass/Bug=6Poison Or Bug or Grass Type Pokemon Level 40000(None Pwiped)
-Rock=6Rock Type Pokemon Level 40000(None Pwiped)
-Water=6Water Type Pokemon Level 40000(Mark (LIL JOHN295))
-Psychic=6Psychic Type Pokemon Level 40000((AIDS(AIDSII))
-Dragon=6Dragon Type Pokemon level 40000(Snow White,Elite Wolf (Amaniflores89))
-Champion=(None Pwiped)
(Really doesnt matter what level is your pokemon if you beat the elite 4's and the champ(if there is one) you can become one)

Leader Of Emerald:3Dragon And 3Thunder Type Level 50000(DraX (Dr.DraX))
Leader Of Magma:6Fire Type Level 50000(Ray da G (Ray da G)
Magma Executive:(NONE)
Magma Executive:(NONE)
Leader Of Aqua:6Water Type Level 50000(Hollow)(Hollowreaper452)
Aqua Executive:(NONE)
Aqua Executive:(NONE)
Team Rocket Leader Giovanni:6Poison Type Level 50000(Jorey (Onyx 095))
Team Rocket Lieut. Butch:(None Pwiped)
Team Rocket Lieut. Cassidy:(None)
Team Rocket Executive Jessie:(None)
Team Rocket Executive James:(None Pwiped)

Nevic Leader:6Dark Type Level 50000(Khpjr (Assassinkaykay))
Team Nevic Lieut.(None Pwiped)
Galactic Leader:2Moon,2Rock and 2Psychic Type Pokemon Level 50000(None Pwiped)
Galactic Lieut:(None Pwiped)
Hunter Leader:3Ghost and 3Poison Type Pokemon Level 50000(None Pwiped)
Pokemon Ranger:1fire,1Water,1Grass,1Normal,1Ice&1Rock 1Flying Type Pokemon Level 50000(Kasper (Kasper Ninja))

iCE Breather Leader Male:6Ice Pokemons Type Pokemon Level 50000(Polo Khidd (Swaqboii))
iCE Breather Leader Female:6Ice Pokemons Type Pokemon Level 50000(NONE PWIPED)
Team Plasma Leader: 1 Normal, 1 Poison, 2 Fire and 2 Thunder Type Pokemons Level 50000(Black santa)(TheOceanBananas) New!
Team Plasma Executive Male:(NONE PWIPED)
Team Plasma Executive Female:(None)

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Yes! The best pokemon game on byond is back!
PP3445 wrote:
Yes! The best pokemon game on byond is back!

Y isnt the game on? D:
I don't really know pom isn't on to host it so maybe something with is connection ...
Ohh well thats gr8.... sniff...
LOL! were communicating threw the comment page
Ikr, but didn't i used to have you in my friends list?
I think so... i'll add u so that we dont have 2 block up the comments page LOL
Finally this games back up! If you need any help with the coding message me on pager!
ugh pom or khp theres a glitched poke center im in can you summon me
btw if u need another host i'll gladly help
I can host sometimes and IDC about host powers btw and stuff

Cause it's summer break
http://www.byond.com/developer/PP3445/ PokemonRangerRecruit4PkmnBTR

This is for joining rangers

its more 4 if im not on 2 recruit rangers and u just put ur name down on the comments page so i can recruit u when im on
hey bro will you be hosting this again or do you need a new one, i really miss this game. so can you let us kno when its back up. but can you have a host to host it now until your updates are finshed?
I can host this game if you want.
Hosting Again For People Who Wanted It Up..
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