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I'm excited to honestly see how Eternia turns out. But, aren't we all?
That new graphic is a beaut.
Thank you for the kind words, Caution. :)
Game looks Good - you've got yourself a good staff team, of course your paying them as well, which does help motivate.

Shame Teka never did this, he's spent thousands on byond and look whats he's got no money and nearly in bankruptcy Lmao.
This has definitely peaked my interest. I hope all is going well with your project.
I was wondering if you will be holding a test server for this game soon. As i'm not often online and i'd enjoy testing your game because it honestly looks amazing.
Any new updates for us? ;)
There you go-- an update just for you! =)
LionPaw wrote:

^ I approve of this username xD. Oh, and Khaos, I still can't wait for Eternia!
I was wondering just to ask a question about Eternia. When you are strong enough or famous enough are you able to become a king of a region? Like become the king of Eternia and people can fight against you to take the place of king.

I put this comment box back, so that i can say... Nice Css.