One Piece Grand Adventure

by Benitobrd
One Piece Grand Adventure
Online One Piece game based on the Anime series.
General Rules:
Requires everyones attention!!!

1).No insulting GM's. The consequence will be decided by the insulted GM.
2).No asking for GM in game. You will first be directed to apply on forum. Anything else will probably decrease your chances of being picked.(You will get muted than booted than banned.)
3).No insulting the players. (You will get muted than booted than banned.)
4).No advertising, it is disrespectful to the owner, and the players (You will get booted than banned.).
5).No Show Names.
6).No NPC names.
7).No Racism Comments. (You will get muted than booted than banned.)
8).No full capped words in OOC (You will get muted than booted.)
9).No Bug Abusing!(If you find a bug report it to a GM or an owner.)
10).No AFK or AFG training.(u will be booted 3 times than key or ip banned)

Game Master Rules
Please Read Carefully, and follow them.

2).Do not abuse your GM powers. (You will get demoted than stripped of your GM.)
3).No banning someone for no reason. (You will get demoted than stripped of your GM.)
4).You must help any player that are in need of help.
5).Be fair when judging. Dont just skip right to the harsh punishments.
6).No asking for promotion, do your job WITHOUT expecting to recieve praise, if your on the staff your here to help the game not just yourself.

Owners/GM lvl 4: Benitobrd(Coder), Lucione(Iconner)
GM lvl 3: I Am Ready(HUB/Forum Mod), Montaru699(Mapper)
GM lvl 2: Izayou(Iconner)
GM lvl 1: AmaroZ(GFX)

Currently still in development.
Got a question? Please refer to out forum

Gatling gun

WHEN will the game be playable again?