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You have 69 fans.
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In response to Dark-DVF
Dark-DVF wrote:
You have [70] fans. *

Hey, thanks for favoriting Extinction!
Hey I was wondering if you still had the files for pokemon Aurora? I played the game a couple years back and I know some others who did too and I wanted to know if you could give us the files so we could try hosting it again!
Do you know what Z8Gaming Is?
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King zelda wrote:
Do you know what Z8Gaming Is?

no, but have you ever heard of a site called Y8 gaming?
Glad to see some of the old heads are still alive and kicking on here.
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Yo bro none of your demos work :(
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Yeah i noticed this last night. My account was compromised a month or so ago and all of my hubs were deleted. Seems the downloads weren't restored with the hubs. I'll ask Lummy about it.
Keep me updated bro
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Lummy was able to recover the files and i'm currently downloading them in a zip. I'll have to manually reupload each so it might take a little bit.

If there's a specific library you'd like me to prioritize, lmk and i'll upload it first.
The Day and night one and the spotlight
Hey Kumo, any update on these reuploads? Good to hear you were informed of them being down, it caught me by surprise.
I've been hobbling along on terrible internet lately due to (inexcusable) migration issues with my primary internet provider. I'll get them uploaded asap! sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks so much, take your time.