Pokemon Phantom Legends

by Aceraptor
Pokemon Phantom Legends
The Third game in the Pokemon Phantom Generation. We're officially back in business!
Take charge as you will be able to travel to all regions from Kanto through Unova. Battle your way through 40 gyms and 20 Elite 4 Members. This will be one of the best Pokemon games to come to Byond yet.
Kanto: 95 % Complete
Johto: 0% Complete
Hoenn: 0% Complete
Sinnoh: 0% Complete
Unova: 0% Complete

This is where Legends are BORN!

-Offical Game Staff-
Aceraptor: Owner

-Kanto Gyms-
Rock: Open(Level 12 Cap)
Water: Open (Level 24 Cap)
Electric: Open(Level 36 Cap)
Grass: Open (Level 48 Cap)
Psychic: Open (Level 60 Cap)
Poison: Open (Level 72 Cap)
Fire: Open (Level 84 Cap)
Ground: Open (Level 96 Cap)

Challenger Cap is 2 Levels above the Gymleaders Cap.

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Pokemon Phantom Legends is in no way working with Nintendo, Gamefreak, or any other official Pokemon company's.
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