Grim Prospects: Classic

by ACWraith
Grim Prospects: Classic
A card battle over mining rights.
My action adventure project has yet to yield any fruit, but the break made me more willing to work on my mining card battle, Grim Prospects. Thank you to those who joined my test session. I realize it probably wasn't very fun for most of you, but I believe the version I just uploaded should improve things.

Extra thanks to ZephyreSyx and Mechanos7. They offered warm fuzzies and continued to help me test despite bugs that made the game more confusing and often gave me a player advantage.

Apologies to those, like RandomGamer72, who joined just in time for there to be enough server bugs to make me end the session.

My current help file format puts instructions and credits on one page while ignoring the updates. My blog will probably be the sole source from now on.
  • Bugfix: When resolving battles, invade stats were compared against an opponent's invade stats. Guard stats were ignored.
  • Bugfix: Players who exited the server were not removed. As originally intended, those who were playing now have a certain amount of time to reconnect before being replaced by AI.
  • Bugfix: Extra mines were not initially displayed to players who logged in after their creation.
  • Bugfix: The tunnel indexes viewed by players were not properly reset after games.
  • Bugfix: An extra phase was started as the game ended. (This is why phase instructions appeared under the buttons.)
  • Mine "Join" links were changed to "Enter" so as not to be confused with the "Join" button.
  • The MOTD was condensed to take less vertical space.