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Jun 9 2014, 1:09 pm
I regret this course of action, but you were once a mod/admin. Unless byond gives the nexus war, that will leave me no choice but to increase the bounty on all admins in byond just due to that alone.

But if there's still even one mod/admin willing to do equal ground negotiations, even now, there's still hope.

This is not a threat. Justice backed with truth must not be opposed. Besides, the 'connection area' needs to be established with byond in mind.

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ACWraith's Games
Flesh and Drone
Create/control minions to destroy opposing daemons.
Re: About Flesh and Drone
Fooldom Come
A subscription for rewards in multiple games.
Steam Summer 2012 -> Fooldom Come deal
Fused Finale
Guide travellers to the warp gate with procedurally generated rhythm.
Fused Finale gameplay video
Gears & Peers
Crash bots. Collect their gears.
Re: A minor Gears & Peers update
Grim Prospects: Classic
A card battle over mining rights.
Abstract, competative dungeon-crawling.
About GrimTunnel
Explore, combat and collect before time runs out.
Re: MeanderGall version 3
Occupied Forces
Claim land. Upgrade production. Simultaneous turns.
About Occupied Forces
PathWrath 2
Card creatures monopolize land. Invade or pay the toll.
Re: ACWraith Pathwrath
Turn-based economic race in space.
About Star*Scurry
Shoot webs. Form paths. Catch bugs. Compete.
Re: About Webcrawl
Wrangle, Warp And Weep
Frozen slave of guilt, gather your people in time to flee.
Re: About Wrangle, Warp And Weep
ACWraith's Demos
Create icons larger than 32x32 pixels and use flick().
About LargeIcons
ACWraith's Libraries
Split and merge planes of integer dimensions.
About BSP DD
BSP Maze
Procedural map generation framework.
About BSP Maze
Handle multi-tile objects of any shape without extra objects.
About BigBump
Board Game Framework
Multiple rooms. Flexible automation and interface.
Re: Board Game Framework
Directional Grid
Abstract mazes identifying forks, dead ends, etc.
About Directional Grid
Event Datums
Handle what happens when. (Events and triggers.) For BYOND 4.0+.
About Event Datums
Event Triggers
Automate actions with merged triggers and events.
About Event Triggers
A library for handling what happens and when. (Events and triggers.)
About Events
Grid 2D
Abstract storage with navigation, flipping and rotating.
Grid 2D
A datum which displays and stores house rules.
About MOTD
Multiple Game Rooms
Handle spectators, waiting lists, and players across a server.
About Multiple Game Rooms
Node Maze
Abstract maze creation, management and path-finding.
Re: About Node Maze
A way to handle players, waiting lists, and spectators.
About People
Handle simultaneous turns or long turn pipes.
About Phase
Reusable datum handling votes with ID restrictions.
About SharedIDVote
Filter chat and automate muting.
Re: About SpamFilter
A reusable timer which relies on ticks and can be paused.
About Timer
Handle turns for any datum (whether it's a mob or not).
About Turns