Naruto Demon's Revenge

by 7110365
Naruto Demon's Revenge
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Currently Unavailable

Version 0.1
Date added: Oct 28 2010
Last updated: Feb 10 2011
Last played: Feb 18 2011
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Main Owner:Death John(7110365)
Right Hand Owner:
Left Hand Owner:
Head Co-Owner:
Head Admin:
Elite Admins:
Head Enforcer:

1. No Repeatedly asking for Higher Rank or GM.
2. No Disrespecting GMs.
4. Multikeying Not Allowed. (Two Keys online at once in same house)
5. No Spamming. (Boot then IP Ban)
6. No noob killing. (Academy Students)
7. Don't ask for a GM summon.
8. No Calling for a GM More than Once Or a Boot/Then Ban. If we do not acknowledge you we are busy or we are not ready to come to you or summon you or we are simply not even there.
9. Don't ask for A Higher Rank.
10. Do Not Mass Recreate, you will Get booted then Banned.
11. Do Not Mass Relog, you will Get booted then Banned.
12. Do not ask to be put in an Organization by a Gm.
13. Do not ask to become a Sannin, Sage Or an ANBU by a Gm. That is the Kage's Honor and the Kage's Decision.
14. 5 Complaints on the Same Gm will result in the person getting fired.
15. No Swearing or its a boot.
16. NO asking for items or an edit
17. no bugging the owner his slaves are around bug them.
18. No asking for a tourney they will be hosted whenever the owner feels like hosting one.
19. If u aren't from an org u are not allowed in an org base if found u will be booted
20. no choosing npc names or u will be renamed with a random name
21. No spamming killed failed summons. You will be booted if u do.
22.If you are a Kage and you are absent for 3 or more days you will be stripped of your status!
23.No Cussing in OOC!
24.No Afk Training.
Gm Rules
1.Gms also have to go by the Player rules
2.Owners can do what they want
3.No abusing(Maxboost,ban for no reason or jail etc. and no making Gms)will be automatic ban and removale