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Bees. Covered in a swarm of bees.


Tuesday, 1:11 pm
Jesus? ...
Mar 10, 1:55 pm
Thanks! I'm actually quite enamored with you myself. This may well be a bromance in the making.

Honestly, I'm a pretty polarizing guy around here, but I like to collect competent/dilligent/well-meaning people.

Props for falling into all three categories so far.
Mar 10, 11:41 am
Would it be considered creepy if I said that I compulsively read pretty much every post that you make, because, holy shit, you're a font of wisdom and insight.

P.S. I totally don't want to wear your skin. Promise!
Mar 7, 9:10 pm
Mar 7, 3:54 pm
Dear Ter13,
I have given you my first "fan" of any community member, your libraries are very much all very well done, useful, and current. Many of what you have released has been done long ago and were all great then, but have fallen behind with implementation of features, bug fixes, and just plain insightfuly new ways to preform certain actions.

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Ter13's Games
DawnCaster Infestation
Rid the HMS DawnCaster of the alien menace!
Re: About DawnCaster Infestation
Ter13's Demos
A DMM importer/processor for merging autotiles.
How to use AutoMerge
Autotile Editor
A quick way to import, format, and process animated autotiles.
How to use Autotile Editor
A customizable autotile generator
Re: About Autotiler
Edge Slide Demo
Pixel Movement with diagonal and half-edge sliding.
Re: Edge Sliding: Minor update
ImageScrollbar Demo
Customize your output scrollbars for a more professional interface.
Re: About ImageScrollbar Demo
A batch converter utility for my first-person game tutorial.
About RayCropper
Roofing Demo
By far the most superior roofing system on BYOND.
Re: About Roofing Demo
Ter13's Libraries
Smaller, easier, safer savefiles.
Re: About CleanSave
Create dynamic behavior easily!
How to use CodeHooks
Manage 2D location data easily with DatumPoint. Allows you to convert absolute coords to tile coords and vice-versa.
Version 0.1b
Set up complex, and elegant control schemes without defining tons of verbs and procs.
About InputHandler
Create and manage pools of objects for retrieval and reuse later.
Re: Using ObjectPools
Complex rooves with ease! Made with mappers in mind.
Re: About RoofLib