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Bees. Covered in a swarm of bees.


Aero Sye
Mar 29, 1:29 pm
I also have been reading most of your posts. Sometimes twice. I love your snippet sundays and plan to use them and their principles (where applicable) in all of my projects. You also got my first fan. <3
Mar 24, 10:11 am
Jesus? ...
Mar 10, 10:55 am
Thanks! I'm actually quite enamored with you myself. This may well be a bromance in the making.

Honestly, I'm a pretty polarizing guy around here, but I like to collect competent/dilligent/well-meaning people.

Props for falling into all three categories so far.
Mar 10, 8:41 am
Would it be considered creepy if I said that I compulsively read pretty much every post that you make, because, holy shit, you're a font of wisdom and insight.

P.S. I totally don't want to wear your skin. Promise!
Mar 7, 6:10 pm

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Ter13's Games
DawnCaster Infestation
Rid the HMS DawnCaster of the alien menace!
Re: About DawnCaster Infestation
Ter13's Demos
A DMM importer/processor for merging autotiles.
How to use AutoMerge
Autotile Editor
A quick way to import, format, and process animated autotiles.
How to use Autotile Editor
A customizable autotile generator
Re: About Autotiler
Edge Slide Demo
Pixel Movement with diagonal and half-edge sliding.
Re: Edge Sliding: Minor update
ImageScrollbar Demo
Customize your output scrollbars for a more professional interface.
Re: About ImageScrollbar Demo
A batch converter utility for my first-person game tutorial.
About RayCropper
Roofing Demo
By far the most superior roofing system on BYOND.
Re: About Roofing Demo
Ter13's Libraries
Smaller, easier, safer savefiles.
Re: About CleanSave
Create dynamic behavior easily!
How to use CodeHooks
Manage 2D location data easily with DatumPoint. Allows you to convert absolute coords to tile coords and vice-versa.
Version 0.1b
Set up complex, and elegant control schemes without defining tons of verbs and procs.
About InputHandler
Create and manage pools of objects for retrieval and reuse later.
Re: Using ObjectPools
Complex rooves with ease! Made with mappers in mind.
Re: About RoofLib