Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick

by 8bitdream
The ball of light has been lost. Gain power as you search for it in this large world. [More]
Version 4
Date added: Apr 11 2008
Last updated: Jul 13 2014
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This project has been originally created by zackla21 (aka Lutelian) and continued on by others such as Dpheonix7 and Krast. You can adventure around the world joining with other players as you battle monsters and explore dungeons.

Heavily inspired by the Dragon Warrior series for Nintendo and some inspiration from other MMO styled games, SoE has it's own charm all it's own. Plans have been made to move SoE to an original game, but programming issues have proved too much. Enjoy the game as it is and see why this game has held it's community for so long.

SoE had a planned sequel but it was canceled. Though a prequel, Dragon Warrior Hero's Destiny, was created using that engine. You can see it at http://www.byond.com/games/Dpheonix7/ DragonWarriorHerosDestiny.
Version 4
Date added: Apr 11 2008
Last updated: Jul 13 2014
625 fans


NecroZoma: (Feb 17, 10:56 am)
I don't know what's causing this but mace masters are doing way too much damage with their hellblaze spell now. Before today they were doing 250-300 damage with it when i have arcane scale equipped which is plenty enoug especially since they also cast bounce. But today they have been doing over 800 damage with it with the Arcane Scale equipped and over 2000 damage to pets and thats on a non critical. That is way too much damage for a 5th floor sky tower monster to be doing. 250-300 I can understand but 800 is just ridiculous. If not fixed ST will be virtually undoable for anyone under level 300. i don't even know if any other monsters on 6th floor and higher have experienced this sudden huge boost in damage because I wasn't able to get past the 5th floor today because the mace masters hellblaze is doing so much damage.
Brangn: (Nov 19 2014, 10:24 pm)
Well this was some interesting late night reading I must say.
Rodile: (Nov 19 2014, 7:55 pm)
You're welcome to have as many accounts as you want. I've got 5 keys, two of which I rarely use. I have looked into expanding character save slots, but I haven't found any definite ways to expand our current amount of 3.

It could always happen at some point.
SOESucksDick: (Nov 19 2014, 7:48 pm)
No I wasn't talking about quadkeying. I've never quadkeyed. I never have had more than 2 keys on at 1 time. I'm talking about having multiple accounts that you alternate between so you can have a class for each key. I know you get 3 slots but did you think maybe people want to play around with different combinations since they can have 2 keys on at a time. For example people might like to alternate between say ranger/soldier, ranger, thief, ranger/pilgrim, soldier/pilgrim, ranger/wizard, pilgrim wizard, pilgrim/goofoff, pilgrim/monk and so on. I never have more than 2 keys at a time because I know it's against the rules but i like to experiment with different combinations using 2 keys logged in at a time if you get what I'm saying and I shouldn't catch shit just for wanting to experiment with different combinations during different logins since I do follow the 2 key at a time rule but never have i saw anywhere that were not allowed to have more than 2 keys that we play at separate logins as long as we don't have more than 2 on at a time. And for the logging on and off why don't you give people the option whether they want it to show when they log on and offas i really would rather it not show when i log on and off and I don't really care to know when someone else logs on and off . It's really noones business when I log on and off and i would like the option to hide my log on and off and not see when other people log on and off as thats none of mine or other people's business either. That would fix the whole annyance of login/logoff and I'd really rather not people see my logins and logoffs and i really rather not see other people's logins and logoffs anyway and think there should be an option to hide logins and logoffs.
Rodile: (Nov 19 2014, 7:36 pm)
If you're referring to quadkeying, that's against the rules and has always been against the rules. I am not changing that. As long as you keep to two keys logged in at one time, I don't mind. As for the situation you're referring to, I believe I stuck up for you and said that I can understand someone using a name from Dragon Warrior/Quest in a Dragon Warrior fangame. My names would be unoriginal as well, seeing as they're both misspelled character names from other RPGs. Rodyle from Tales of Symphonia and Karst from Golden Sun are where I even got the idea for Rodile and Krast to use in online games. Remaking characters is not against the rules an no one would bat an eye at it. If you constantly log on and off, however, it becomes mildly annoying.

Worldsay and Say are a feature in the Byond client as Byond is based off MUDs, which are the primitive form the MMORPG. I will not accommodate removing such a feature from the game, although you are welcome to not speak. (There is a turn off Worldsay verb in your command bar.)