Naruto Shinobi Universe

by AbdelJN
Naruto Shinobi Universe
Experience the Naruto Universe the way it should be! Naruto Shinobi Universe aims to bring polish, accuracy, and balance to bring a solid Naruto game to BYOND. [More]

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Version ALPHA 0.75
Date added: Jul 24 2010
Last updated: Oct 28 2011
Last played: Oct 28 2011
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Testings over, private testings will happen in a week or two once I actually add content to the game. Thanks to everyone that tested. If you'd like to apply as a private tester, say so in the comments/feedback.

I'm looking for a pixel artist as myself alone isn't enough and I'm a longshot away from amazing. If you're interested please page me on BYOND, add me on MSN([email protected]), or send me an inbox on Facebook here.

Note: also a smaller position is open for GFX if anyone's interested.

Naruto Shinobi Universe is an attempt at recreating the Naruto anime and manga into a polished, 2D world with challenging yet easy to play, smooth gameplay, great art, and immersion.

October 17th - NSU is progressing nicely. Took the day to add in clay clan. It's pretty damn awesome. Past few days been fixing bugs and glitches and adding little things here and there. Game should hopefully be ready for alpha release within a week or less.


99% original - great pixel art(although there are a few placeholders), efficient programming, and challenging gameplay all add up to one hell of a game.

Balanced combat - no more overpowered skills without drawbacks. NSU will force you to think about your next move wisely.

Element V.S. element - researched for accuracy, elements have weaknesses against other certain other elements. For example Lightning is strong against Earth and Water, so in result, will destroy earth, and amplify in water.

Weapon clashing - If two similar weapons clash, the one thrown with more force will overcome the one with less and if a stronger weapon clashes with a weaker weapon(e.g. windmill shuriken v.s. kunai) the stronger weapon will overcome knocking the weaker one out of the way.

Skills - Hundreds of very accurate and up-to-date skills designed with 99% anime & manga accuracy. Slightly adjusted for balance.

Controls - 10 drag n' drop hotkeys, 3 primary melee keys, and 4 handseals(for learning skills and performing interactive actions). All adding up to easy to play, yet hard to master, gameplay.

Interactive maps - Maps that require skills to be used for reaching new areas. e.g. Burn down trees with fire and obliterate earth release doors with lightning!

Medals that make you feel like a champ - In game medals actually compensate giving you a variety of different rewards including yen, skill points, and even new unlockables!

Secrets - Loads of secrets ready to be discovered. Can you find em' all?

Immersion Find yourself immersed with interactive skull crushing combat, quality sound effects, and voices from the anime!

Passives - Tons of progressive passives that will allow you to train your character according to the way you play and bought passives that will allow for further customization over your character! The possibilities are endless.

Many ways to learn skills - Learn a variety of skills simply by learning them from a skill tree, NPC, squad leader, quest reward, or even by yourself!

Team-Based Jutsu - combine certain skills with squad mates or allies to perform new and stronger variations(coming soon)

Graphics - Nice, quality graphics provided by the Graphics Guild

And much more - aiming to be the number one Naruto game on BYOND, their will be content and gameplay updates daily!

I am currently looking for pixel artists and graphic designers to aid the progression of this game. If you're interested, please email me at [email protected]

This is alpha testing, the content in the game is fairly low at the moment as I am a one man team. You're also bound to encounter a glitch or two, so please report any problems you encounter. Also don't take the alpha too serious, because wipes are imminent. Have fun:)

Past experience - I've been developing BYOND games since I was 12. About 4 and a half years actually, with loads of breaks. Here are two projects I've made out of many on my time here(they're on my older BYOND keys).

(Discontinued. Previously in the top 15 on BYOND)
(Incomplete & discontinued)

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Imantas2: (Aug 20 2021, 5:38 am)
Hello everyone,

I am gonna start working on a Naruto Evolution based game and revive it within the next week. If anyone is still interested in playing please add me.
Pope420: (Oct 24 2020, 9:58 am)
Naruto next generation is bakc on a 24/7 server narutonextgenerationreborn
0Revenge: (Jan 3 2014, 12:10 am)
another fail with so much potential..
Darkwolf2311: (Aug 31 2012, 9:21 am)
i would like to apply for alpha testing two please
Idoncare112233: (Aug 29 2012, 7:43 pm)
i would like to apply for alpha testing please