[Bleach] Shinzui

by Albro1
[Bleach] Shinzui
New hub, same game! [More]

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Version [Veteran]
Date added: May 21 2014
Last updated: Oct 21 2022
Last played: Oct 22 2022
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With the disappearance of Cthulh (Zhug) and the relative stability of my situation at the moment, I have chosen to start hosting Shinzui once more. The password on the old hub for the game was changed, so even when I host the game, it will not show up there. As such, I decided to make a hub of my own so that the game is more accessible.

To preserve the game as much as possible, I've also decided to put the same hub information here:

This is the Veteran Server!

In-Game Rules Details on Forum
[Keeping these here to show the kind of etiquette we desire.]
B. No Anime/Manga names, original names only.
B2 No 'Ichigo' names.
0. Freedom of speech
0b Use good grammar
0c Do not filter avoid
1. Respect the admins
2. Respect other players
3. Do not spam
4. Racism/Sexism is not acceptable
5. Bug abuse CAN be tolerated if reported
6. Don't waste admin/mod time
6b Do not ask for edits/hax/requirements
7. Do not block entrances in-game
8. Do not act like a GM/Mod unless you are


Albro1: (Oct 21 2022, 12:11 pm)
Found the files, hosting it again. No promises on how long I'll host it or if any changes will be made, but enjoy while its up!
Ravenyachiru: (Aug 17 2020, 2:24 pm)
i miss this game so much i want it to come back pleaseeee
GokuDeath: (Feb 11 2019, 4:52 pm)
IS this game ever going to come back up?
Drake_Uchiha: (Aug 16 2017, 7:20 pm)
Umm is this gonna be back up or... ???
Albro1: (Jun 8 2016, 12:29 pm)
I'm sure this will come up at some point, so I'll announce it here - the old forums are officially gone, the link doesn't work anymore. Rest in peace.