Guardians' Song

by AnthonyHawkina
Guardians' Song
A Play-by-Post RPG, Join a journey into the multiverse of the Guardians' Song [More]
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Date added: Sep 6 2014
Last updated: Sep 7 2016
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byond:// [(GS V2.6 B)(18+) - Guardians' Song - Revera, Ulvera, Altera and ... Earth!? -]

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Welcome to the Guardians' Song. Built off the RP Unlimited Engine, this Text Based Play-by-Post RP is a continued story going on 25 years of play. With a load of legends and lore we invite players to join. Some of the features currently being used in this build are as follows.

Easy to use character system for use of small and large numbers of characters.

Massive music system sporting over 14+ Gigabyte (17,000+ Midi, 20,000+ WMA. ) WMA and Midi.

Easy building map system to keep infomation as you need it.

Weather, Time, and Dates for key locations.

Integrated books and other information.

Integrated Species system, and Character Sheets.

Long lived server that has spend over 9 of it's 25 functional years are part of the Byond community. With minimal down time.

Please not this is text based but will be around for a long term Roleplayer, welcoming in the new and old. Allowing transfers of older characters as well. So stop in and say hello.

(Please note, this is still beta, mostly because I am ALWAYS updating it and improving it. I mostly work alone except for help from people here and there. So if you have any issue with the system I will try and fix it to the best of my coding ability. I made the system for my friends starting with Galaxy of Zantelga. So it is a labor of love right now. We always are welcome to new faces will to work with us. Thanks for considering us and please join our community.)