Guardians' Song

by AnthonyHawkina
Guardians' Song
A Play-by-Post RPG, Join a journey into the multiverse of the Guardians' Song [More]

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Date added: Sep 6 2014
Last updated: May 31 2019
Last played: May 23 2023
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Welcome to the Guardians' Song. Built off the RP Unlimited Engine, this Text Based Play-by-Post RP is a continued story going on 25 years of play. With a load of legends and lore we invite players to join. Some of the features currently being used in this build are as follows.

Easy to use character system for use of small and large numbers of characters.

Massive music system sporting over 14+ Gigabyte (17,000+ Midi, 20,000+ WMA. ) WMA and Midi.

Easy building map system to keep infomation as you need it.

Weather, Time, and Dates for key locations.

Integrated books and other information.

Integrated Species system, and Character Sheets.

Long lived server that has spend over 9 of it's 25 functional years are part of the Byond community. With minimal down time.

Please not this is text based but will be around for a long term Roleplayer, welcoming in the new and old. Allowing transfers of older characters as well. So stop in and say hello.

(Please note, this is still beta, mostly because I am ALWAYS updating it and improving it. I mostly work alone except for help from people here and there. So if you have any issue with the system I will try and fix it to the best of my coding ability. I made the system for my friends starting with Galaxy of Zantelga. So it is a labor of love right now. We always are welcome to new faces will to work with us. Thanks for considering us and please join our community.)


AnthonyHawkina: (Mar 17, 12:41 am)
I moved everything for the time being to a Discord when our last story ended an Arc. We are still running Guardians' Song as like I said, I wouldn't stop working on my projects.

If your still curious feel free to contact me on Discord, just message me and I will get back to you.
FluffLamb: (Jan 29, 9:16 pm)
Is this game still around? It says the last time played was in 2023 but is it still possible to join?
AnthonyHawkina: (May 31 2019, 11:10 am)
Well I am not sure if anyone will read this or if people still get updates from here. But here this goes.
Hey Everyone, Itís Anthony.
Now I figured being I am almost on the 30 years of GS stuff and that. I might as well come back and say a bit about the past. Being it was a Dark Time for me those years and really, I would like to just clear some stuff up and talk about the future. Now I havenít vanished or left, just took some time to focus myself. So really came back to give some heads up on everything going on and did go on I can think of.

First, why did I shut down RP Unlimited to the public?
Now I know everyone probably has a theory but really it is this. I was tired and I needed to find another job. I said before I was trying to figure out a way to make RP Unlimited a focus of mine. That was a mistake. I invested a lot into the project I probably shouldnít of. So, after RP Basic, RP Hub, RP infinity, Beyond and all the others coming out at the time. I just kind of tipped my hat and said enough is enough. The community here was almost non-existent and really, I was just done with dealing with the public hate and all the negativity. All the rumors and hate about me just was too much at the time and then having to deal with real life. Well real life came first, so I left. Thus, the anti-climactic end to RP Unlimited. I was tired and needed my space.

Why didnít I just leave the hub up for everyone?
First, this is the hub for my game and my program I was sharing with my friends. This grew into the community you knew. Being the game expanded beyond my friend and I liked to see so many people enjoy it. Though in the beginning and anyone that talked to me about it would of known. I said many times, when I leave, I take RP Unlimited with me and everything. Being I donít want to leave it abandon. There where so many fan games spawned at the time and with the faults I couldnít figure out in the code. Just seemed like the moment. Do I still have a copy of Public RP Unlimited somewhere, probably but I changed the root code a lot after I left so, I donít know where it is or what the last version was. Sorry about that, but I know people have other places now, or so I hope.

Why did RP Unlimited die and Guardiansí Song survive?

Well this is kind of some history but sum it up like this. For those that knew me and not the rumor train. I ran Guardiansí Song for 10 years about as a tabletop game before even thinking of coming to Byond. I was asked to bring my Guardiansí Song story to Byond on RP Engine. Thus, my passion project was never RP Unlimited but Guardiansí Song in general. Not the server that Zantelga started for most, but really the lore, tabletop setting and everything behind that. Being the running Rumor, everyone would message me about that RP Unlimited would become Guardiansí Song/ Endless Saga/ Zantelga‚Ķ or whatever the server was called at the time. It was never my idea in the first place to do that. RP Unlimited would stay what it was, and Guardiansí Song was to get itís own hub when I was done with the project starting. Being I was shutting down RP Unlimited at the time, it was presented as a good idea to just continue with the project under Guardiansí Song to save getting public access again and Stand-Alone access. Really it was just saving time to switch over all the system then reapplying with mostly the same engine all over again and the same game setup. Thus, the truth is, I ran GS for a long time before RP Unlimited and I will a long time after. Just how I am, I like the project and will do it as my own thing even if no one else like it.

<Something more on a personal level about bans or other stuff>?
Look if you got banned and still banned, talk to me and I will look it over. I know it has been a long time, and figure we can talk it out. Really why I havenít removed the ban list or anything? I donít like dealing with people, why I had Lloyd being my voice of RP Unlimited. Iím a recluse that sticks to his own thing. Was it the best choice? Probably not. Why did I do this? Lack of options at the time. Besides Lloyd being a friend of mine, he was the only one who asked to do it when I really needed someone too. Honestly, I am liking my small community of like 6 players over the up to 500 or so on RP Unlimited. I never planned or was ready for it when it happened. People make a lot of unreasonable demands of me on a personal level too. Thus, would I repeat my mistake? Yes, but I learned a lot too.

Is Zantelga coming back, your still running Guardiansí Song?
No. Even in my setting we closed the book on that. I closed the book on that. Iím trying to get a long running power level problem under control now. Thus, a lot of stricter limits on stuff, including adding canons and so on. Really, I know there was a lot of problems in the past and spent most of the last two years fixing a lot of the story breaks to fix this. Honestly about at this point people that server was about 10 years ago. I know this is coming from the guy still running the same game but‚Ķ LET IT DIE. Itís the past, itís not coming back. Yes, I still have people coming in to talk about it, but really it is just talking about the past fun we had. Then looking at what is coming. I understand wanting to capture past glory days, but really a lot of what you knew is over and has been over. The world progresses and changes. Kind of always the core of the GS story. Nothing stays the same forever.

But GS is kind of empty, I see no one Roleplaying then I log on.
We use a lot of the other systems now to keep events under control, including the room system. Most groups use private rooms for RP and thus would only be in the logs. This is normally being they are not public events everyone can jump in on. Being most people would get lost in the vastness presented, most rooms are set to adventuring groups now so people can have their own stories over a massive clusterduck of everyone just posting and trying to keep up. Other than that, we are winding down and I am shifting more to the tabletop getting up spell lists and shop guides, species list, and everything. Really, we are in a transitionary phase for everything. Most the RP right now is mostly personal or just general RP to keep the story going and character build. Thus, if you want to know what is going on, ask.

Well that is everything, I figure being the forum is open I will get the rush of. You killed my favorite hangout, I hate you. Just being I still feel some things never change. Thought I am posting this in optimism. I hope this clears some stuff up as partly I wanted to stay yes, I am still alive… and partly I was asked to give some idea of what was going on. I will probably keep working like I have been just trying to get everything I want in to test it on the small scale.
If you looking to join or rejoin. Keep in mind this is a text-based RPG. Thus, it is all typing. Sorry for everyone logging in looking for the graphics, the map system is used mostly for locational stuff. Secondly, I am aware of the lag, apparently if you donít use the stand alone for the game, or Byond version 506.1251 it lags like all hell. Least last I heard. If you want the stand alone just ask, I will try and get it to you. Otherwise currently on production I am working on making the species guide right now, then a few other things. Is this 100% how I want it? No. But I have a fan base here, I have people that still come in to just talk, so will Guardiansí Song continue? Yes. I might move to a new home some time, but Byond still allows me here so I will stay. I know I havenít been the best person like hell would I even pretend I am. But I am a person, and I am still working on what I care about with people I care about. So, if youíre looking for a place that lasted 30 years and I hope to keep it going for at least 10 more... Welcome home.
AnthonyHawkina: (Dec 19 2015, 10:16 am)
O.k. released a small update 2.3.3 , This should fix the lag error.
AnthonyHawkina: (Oct 5 2015, 10:51 am)
Hey Everyone,

Quick little update here, I updated the 2.3 stuff to 2.3.1. This fixes the button issue allowing you to set the buttons in one of three formats.

* 2.3 - This is Default and will have access to most sub-panels.

*2.2.1+ - This is for everyone liking all the buttons Also adding two buttons for newer systems.

*Minimalist - This only have the basic chat functions and make character. Simple making it easier to use the command bar but with less buttons.

You can still turn them off, this also removes the slider bar. Otherwise I will be working with the code a bit more trying to get stuff in, hopefully this helps people a bit more.