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Supremacy News:

Turkish Entertainment welcomes you to experience a world unseen and unlike others on BYOND! With 24/7 hosting by a dedicated server, constant tournaments, very active admins to respond to your help-based needs in the quickest manner possible, and no ridiculous afk booter, you will surely find this world an exciting experience for both you and your friends. Supremacy is nearly bug-free, but there is no bug-free game on BYOND, so if you managed to find one, please report to an admin at once! In return for reporting the bug, you will be rewarded for your help making Supremacy a better game. Thank you for playing and we hope you enjoyed your stay with us!


[Mr Ibis] - Programmer/Graphic Artist

[Hotaru] - Main Head Admin

[King Yami] - Head Admin

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Supremacy Legend(s) Of The Wipe:

Wipe 1. Chrollo Chrome(Matt_pimps) 1 March - 1 April 2015 (Level: 307,951 - Kills: 1,097)

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Beginner's Luck

Earned by Milk123
Aug 18, 10:22 pm

True Hero

Earned by Undertaker19982010
Aug 18, 9:27 pm


Captain_Benadryl: (Aug 29, 11:37 pm)
great. now how will i spend my days off other than with the thunderfap? :/
Alan9122: (Aug 29, 5:13 pm)
rip conflict/supremacy and rip ibis we all knew this day will come. if taka never banned me ibis would give him game gj rip haaaaas
Toopher2: (Aug 29, 2:32 pm)
In hell we met, In heaven we shone, in live we met. In death we left, Oh god bye our beloved darling, we shall eternally miss the, Rest in piece our beloved. This shall be the last goodbye. But if you were to rise, the sun shall shine once again! -RiP Sapphire/Supremacy.
XE Silentninja: (Aug 28, 1:42 am)
As many of you know, I shut down the game due to an extensive amount of bugs, and the lack of Ibis' willingness to give me the source.

This will likely be the End of Supremacy.

Sleep peacefully, my most beloved witch.