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Supremacy News:

Turkish Entertainment welcomes you to experience a world unseen and unlike others on BYOND! With 24/7 hosting by a dedicated server, constant tournaments, very active admins to respond to your help-based needs in the quickest manner possible, and no ridiculous afk booter, you will surely find this world an exciting experience for both you and your friends. Supremacy is nearly bug-free, but there is no bug-free game on BYOND, so if you managed to find one, please report to an admin at once! In return for reporting the bug, you will be rewarded for your help making Supremacy a better game. Thank you for playing and we hope you enjoyed your stay with us!


[Mr Ibis] - Programmer/Graphic Artist

[Hotaru] - Main Head Admin

[King Yami] - Head Admin

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Supremacy Legend(s) Of The Wipe:

Wipe 1. Chrollo Chrome(Matt_pimps) 1 March - 1 April 2015 (Level: 307,951 - Kills: 1,097)

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Earned by Gatesking
Jul 6, 11:53 pm


Earned by Gatesking
Jul 6, 11:53 pm


XE Silentninja: (Monday, 7:55 pm)
Log: Day 20-

I... I killed him. He wouldn't stop. I had no other choice...



We took his bones and made weapons out of them, we fed the young ones his body as we've completely run out of food. We've decided as a group to go out and look for food, as dangerous as it may be, we have no other choice. We do not know if there is any life out there, but, there has been some talk of our members hearing growls at night, large footsteps, and howling.

I don't know, it might just be a hallucination, but if there's any chance of life in the first place, we don't know what we're up against, or if it's even edible. How can we fight with these weapons?

No matter. We'll either starve to death here or go out for a chance to survive. The spirits of everyone is down, but I refuse to give up. I still have too much to do to have it end like this. I will not, I... can, not, falter. We will find a way out of this, this I swear.
Captain_Benadryl: (Sunday, 7:58 am), you guys wanna talk about girls and stuff? >_>
XE Silentninja: (Jul 25, 6:28 pm)
My attempted contact to the outer reach boss has failed. Our last hope is to chant the African cries of my people in hopes to summon him.


Summon him with me.

Log: Day 18- No sign of life from the outer reach. Our repeated attempts have shown no sign of success. I forgot to water my cactus. I have started singing the cries of my African people. Unsure if this will work, we have no options. Our rations are running low and the weak-willed ones have taken up to eating the rotting children. Can't say I blame them at this point. Still, I can't help but notice that there's something different in their eyes. I pray they won't fall any lower.
There have been problems with one of the men in our group, aged 26, he's built, strong, but he's also arrogant, and quick to be angered. I'm afraid if this keeps up the people will start to looking to me as their leader to stop him. I didn't sign up for this. It's just... nobody else would step up to take control. Even so, if he so much as causes a scratch on any of our group, I will not hesitate to put him down on the spot. You know... now that I look closer, there 'is' a lot of meat on his bones...
XE Silentninja: (Jul 23, 2:38 am)
RebornxDart: (Jul 22, 9:04 pm)
Dach. As in the Dach?