Dragon Ball Z Backfire

by Bballman12344
Dragon Ball Z Backfire
It's updated this time.....really [More]

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Version 8.00
Date added: Jun 28 2005
Last updated: Apr 3 2007
Last played: Jul 7 2008
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Yea this game is done no more updates and stuff except bugs.
Any problems, suggestions,or other stuff talk at the forms and another thing don't complain or say any comments that disrespect me or my staff. (See below) or you will automatically be banned any questions? o yea before I forget If I'm hosting I'm usually afk cas I got a lot to do. so sorry.
-Owner Bballman12344

Game in Alpha stage report any bugs to the forum. If you have any problems with the Gm's or Higher people up's the hosts,Baller87,or even me please tell me. I want this game to be fun. I put a lot of these things on to be different. I take all ideas and really would like your help. If I don't respond I probally didn't see it yet and stop asking for gm I will only give it to you if you're in the game and you come a lot. Did that answer all you're question if not plz ask me them

You could be on this list!!!
V.P of Baller Productions: Archfiend Master
V.P of Hosting Administration : (Empty)....for now
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Main Coder bballman12344

baller 87
kid buu

Archfiend Master

Respect all GM's MGM's and hosts. And Remember don't cross the boss. I have no problem booting or baning if I have to.
Your could be here post on forum if you have any ideas or contributions

Version 8.0 is underway all worlds have been changed
-Supreme Kai Plant
-Improved Earth
-Arch World (enter at you own risk)

Due to a lot of complaning this game is now 0% Zeta that's right.I do use the Eylusim icons so...yea. I added in a new attack system/ training system so stop crying yes there are weights. punching in the air isn't my idea of fun but I don't have any ideas. If you have suggestion post them in the forms.

For the people who come every time thank you and there's a lot of respect for you. When the next version is out I got something for you.

Alright the people have spoken you want backfire you got it. People have been hosting the game even though nobodies hosting. This gave me the ability to keep on working. Expect updates in the near future......
Sorry guys save files got corrupted so if you we're on the game before it probally ain't there

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