Bleach: Last Horizon (Repeat)

by Bemcint
Bleach: Last Horizon (Repeat)
Due to the fact that BLH's hub has been dead for a couple of years, an older server will be hosted on this hub. [More]

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Welcome to Bleach: Last Horizon,

An open-world within Bleach which holds significance between roleplaying and action itself as it orientates from Humans, Hollows, Shinigamis, to Arrancars, and the Fullbringers.


ManaSoul: (Nov 17 2015, 4:05 am) check it out and fan! We're releasing soon! ill make you a tester and give you early access!
AxxHellboundxxA: (Oct 19 2014, 11:24 pm)
Tao, Maikeru's Shikai-

Name: Ladon di Mask


Ladon di Mask has the ability to create three masks with each masks ability varying in it's power. It can copy, create, or amplify attacks or traits of the wielder by three times as much as they would regularly be.


As stated above, Ladon di Mask grants the user amplification of already existent techniques in the users arsenal or ones they decide to create and or copy techniques from a three-hundred sixty (360) degree angle and a one point five (1.5) mile radius.


As great as this might sound, each tier of power for the amplification technique has to be earned through practice, the only freebie being the first tier which is when you first unlock the shikai. Not to mention that the limit to the copying aspect of the mask is to physical based attacks and kidou, it cannot copy any of shikai and if used to copy a bankai or shikai, can lead to severe damage upon the wielder.

Now, for the creating portion of the mask, it all depends on the power of the wielder, be it physical power or spiritual power. If the wielder is to weak then so will the attack. It will probably just look really fancy at best.

Now to go into deeper detail about the amplification mask, for it is the third part of the mask. As stated above it must be worked for through training, not to mention that this can cause severe cases of exhaustion, draining the reiatsu of the wielder if it is not used properly and in moderation. It is colaced with the reitasu the wielder has at his or her disposal and at the minimum can be used three times, the effects stacking with each other as they are used.

On a final note... the masks can be switched in and out of depending on how fast the wielder is. If the wielder is incredibly fast then so will the change between masks be.

Not to mention when wielding each mask the wielder is plagued by two sins. The sin of Envy is assigned to The Mask of Copying, 'La', and the sin of Wrath to The Mask of Amplification, 'Don.' The final mask however, The Mask of 'Anamika'(Mask of 'Namelessnes') is completely neutral, and will reflect the users current personality, so (this could mean a lot of things for character development), let's say Maikeru is feeling prideful or hurt when he battles. He will feel that sense of pride, or that sense of sadness as he fights which can help determine the battle all in itself as the mask amplifies the emotions one feels and gives it a bit of a way of thinking built upon that emotion Maikeru feels strongest at the moment.

It all just depends on how well collected the character is and how much self control Maikeru has. This factor also, will be determined through in-game development and training.

... Thanks to this it can also cause severe bipolarism after many uses and if not given the special treatment/training on keeping ones selfish desires, as well as emotions, under check.
Axerob: (Jul 1 2014, 9:09 pm)
Titanlux: (Jun 22 2014, 3:20 pm)
game corrupt and racist game
Gadoosh: (Jun 20 2014, 9:51 am)
I tried but that's still not working :(