Sword Art Online

by Colesprite
Sword Art Online (SAO) is a game loosely based on the original light novel series. [More]

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Date added: Jul 19 2013
Last updated: Aug 9 2014
Last played: Aug 12 2014
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Sword Art Online (SAO)is a game loosely based on the original light novel series. The MORPG game similar to the original novel series contains 100 action packed floors, each with their own theme, each with their own bosses which have to be defeat in order to progress through the game. Unlike the original series this game is somewhat of a sandbox but with 1 goal which is linear throughout the whole in-game universe, to reach the 100th floor. In the game each player has much diversity; from the clothes they wear to the hair styles even the armor and the weapons. Now this also brings up the skills in the game, this game has a different combat/leveling system unlike most games; most games have the basic experience, kill an enemy gain Xp and level up. Well in this game, forget about the whole leveling up thing in general, the game revolves over stats, now in order to gain these thatís you have to do certain types of training, for example sparring with players increases every stat but running on increases speed.

Now what really separates the game from other SAO games is how involve the player is, this isnít a game ruled by the admins, although there are admins, they just do the bans and boots and mutes the players control a lot of things, such as the actual game master is a player. What the game master does is controls the wipe, like in SAO the game masters control a heck ton of things and a carefully selected individual will play as the game master for every wipe (every wipe last around 4-5 months or longer), now what the game master can do is he controls the game, in the game if you die , you lose your save file, but what the game master can do is change that rules and an event every once in a while to bring back dead people.
Because of these things Iíve coded in, the game will always have a different ending in a way, there will never be one ending thatís exactly the same, because the different players will have different positions and such.


SuperSayajinJoe: (Sep 27 2015, 5:09 am)
Emm,I thing thing game is best but...
When it will be open?
HulIfinator: (Sep 7 2014, 5:49 am)
Can I host please
Blackstar1134: (Aug 30 2014, 8:43 am)
Great bro keep working
Xenondrix: (Aug 13 2014, 2:26 am)
i want to play... but how??? pls help me
SUPERBOSS: (Aug 10 2014, 5:22 pm)
This is his name, Xenethis(Hellsing-crush)

Xenethis attacks Hector 404 damage!
Xenethis attacks Hector 202 damage!
Xenethis attacks Hector 202 damage!
Xenethis attacks Hector 201 damage!
Xenethis attacks Hector 201 damage!
Hector gets knocked out!