DragonBall Z - Reign Of Darkness

by Dark Clown Ardilla
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Date added: Aug 14 2009
Last updated: Aug 15 2009
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Welcome To DragonBall Z - Reign Of Darkness

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Main Owner/Mapper - Lucifer (Anagramad)

Part Owner/Technical Support - Silentz (Andre19951)

Part Owner/Coder - Daivon (DaivonNights)

Part Owner/Iconner - Kakashi (Yoatl)

Co-Owner/Hub Designer - Kurby (Dark Clown Ardilla)

GM 3 - [OPEN]

GM 2 - [OPEN]

GM 1 - [OPEN]

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1) Respect everyone of equal and higher rank

2) No spam killing

3) No GH sniping

4) No spamming

5) No adult links (in OOC or say)

6) No Bug abusing, if a bug is found report it imeditatly

7) No Playing as the Anubis race, it is for GM and above ONLY

8) Racism is not tollerated, any racist comments could get you banned

9) Do not whisper to GMs if you want to talk to them, speek in OOC or Say

10) NEVER take the Dragonballs into an area they should not be. Nor take them to safe zones

11) DO NOT ASK FOR GM, if we are looking for staff WE will pick YOU


dragonball z Pictures, Images and Photos



Respect everyone of equal and higher rank

Help ALL players if they ask

No spam killing

No GH sniping

No spamming

No adult links (in OOC or say)




do what ever you want (unless told to stop by Lucifer)