Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Will Of Eternity

by Dbar910
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Will Of Eternity
HItman Reborn Game in Testing Stages and needs iconners, gfxers and maybe extra programmers [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 0.2
Date added: Jul 17 2009
Last updated: Feb 9 2011
Last played: Jul 26 2010
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Hub is under development

Training System

The way you can train here is by studying and working out and when you get strong enough to to kill your stats will go up by how many people you kill while it is still possible to log train and such but it would be more profitable to kill rival family members however you are penalized for killing fellow family members

Story Mode

Sometimes there aren't enough players on or maybe every1 is hiding so we are pleased to bring you the story of Eternity, It will take place from The Mukuro arc all the way up to the first game of choice maybe the second if it is detailed by the time we release.


When you start a game you will be given a flame at random and that will decide what types of moves you can get what rings you can use and what boxes you can open. also there are different flame and non flame types you can choose from so if your Sky you can pick from Tsuna Xanxus and so on. If your a non flame for instance you can choose from people like Bianchi, Shamal, and spanner who uses moscas

The map for the game is set in japan and Italy which can be traveled between at any moment and different types of maps for the choice battle ranging from thunder battlefields to mist type and even has the sun powered Millifiore base Melone


Families in the game will play a major part in the game as you will be able to participate in family battles, turf wars, and Games of choice. Some families get specific weapon like a family based box animal or ring


Numerous Modifications have been made to the skin and game play going from In game macros ranging from 1-10 on screen macros along with a onscreen health bar as long as the skin that is built to function with the game


Will Of Eternity is 100% original most of which has been either mapped, programmed or re-iconned from scratch and there should be nothing on byond like it but sadly a co worker released his version called Wrath of the vongola by VongolaThe10th that was our earliest version but we have come farther than that rip and soon as we get more Pixel Artist and Graphic artist then we will be up for good


Map 60 %

Macros 90 %

Icons 50 %

Flame Based Coding 20 %

Story Mode 0 %


Donating is not a requirement to play the and you can access all the games features even if you don't donate but all this means is we will be able to afford a shell server and have a much less laggy room for some of the dedicated players

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Dbar910: (Jun 20 2013, 6:48 pm)
this is unfinished. if i actually had a serious team to help me finish then i wouldn't mind putting up the files for download
Bum-x: (Jun 20 2013, 3:57 pm)
Any chance of it getting on ?
KiKoro: (Nov 23 2012, 4:52 pm)
give me the files if wanted my router is fast no lag
and will open until 24/7
Jondave15: (Mar 7 2012, 1:46 pm)
ill host give me host files
Medoune: (Aug 22 2011, 9:32 am)
Host please