Shinobi no Jinsei

by DhatBoiNick
Shinobi no Jinsei
A high-combat Roleplaying game based on the Naruto series and manga. Here, without the hindrance of obsessive staff rulings, players have the freedom to build their character and carry out their own individual motive. [More]

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Date added: Jan 15 2015
Last updated: Jan 15 2020
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Shinobi no Jinsei

Things became peaceful since the last war, every shinobi joining forces for the same cliché reasoning. Hopes and standards were held high as every village pronounced themselves one under a common cause – Rainuke’s death. Sure, battle had ensued, and a lot of lives were lost, but all of it was worth it for the next generation to be safe and sound.
Many years after the village battle, after the Hidden Sound was declared the capital of the allied forces, the Hidden Rock decided to migrate east into what used to be the Hidden Cloud. The Kazekage, seeing it fit to mine and establish better structures in the village, took siege of the land.

The Hokage, paying no mind to the Kazekage’s actions, focused on the Hidden Sand. Sunagakure, which the Kazekage should be reigning over, was abandoned during the great migration of the allied forces. The Hidden Leaf lead the ranks in the amount of territory owned since the Senju clan naturally reside just east of Konohagakure.
The Mizukage, however, attest to the ownership of Sunagakure due to Sunagakure being up for grabs. Naturally the Mizukage could go for the land between Kirigakure and the Hidden Tea, but that territory isn’t as rich as Sunagakure.

Stringing through the political ranks is an organization ran by an unknown person. The organization doesn’t have any known name, but their mission is simple – destabilize every main village.
With all the Kage’s at head and the Otokami having to regulate everything, do they choose to break their peace treaty contract? Will war once again spark off?

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