Naruto:Akatuski Revenge

by Enemihay
Naruto:Akatuski Revenge
New order New Name Black Uchiha Is Now Nemo Kanatana!!!---(on test server GM INSTANT) Back to base srce V1!!! [More]

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Version 2.5
Date added: Jan 12 2008
Last updated: Jun 22 2009
Last played: Jun 22 2009
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Flame Word Maker -
Itachi life and death
-Ranking Bonuses -
Rank 1 - Max Boost,and Anbu Rank from Genin To Anbu+Enforcer
Rank 2 - Health Boost Genin To Jounin
Rank 3 - Heath Boost Genin To Chuunin

Byakuya Uchiha =Owner
Narsasu and Seanleonartes =Co Owners

Revan Left The Group


Waterfall Hero:
Snow Feudal Lord:
Grass Feudal Lord:

Akatsuki Leader(Rei):Yondaime
Akatsuki Co-Leader(Shu):Revan
Akatsuki Member(Sei):
Akatsuki Member(Haku):
Akatsuki Member(Kai):
Akatsuki Member(Kuu):
Akatsuki Member(Nan):
Akatsuki Member(Kita):
Akatsuki Member(San):
Akatsuki Member(Gyoku):

Ring Inscriptions:
S.O Organization
So Leader:White Uchiha
So Co Leader:
So Member:
So Member:
So Member:
So Member:
So Member:
So Member:
So Member:
So Member:
So Member:
So Member:
So Member:
Hebi Sasuke
Hebi Organization.
Hebi Org. Leader:Black Uchiha
Hebi Co Leader:
Hebi member:
Hebi member:
Hebi member:
Hebi member:



Jutsus And Hand Signs:

2 tiger = katon houseka
3 dragon and 1 snake = katon no jutsu
1 tiger 1 dog = Katon Goukakyuu
3 dragon 1 tiger = Katon Karyuu Endan
2 dragon = Katon Ryuuka No Jutsu

2 tiger - katon houseka
3 dragon and 1 snake = katon no jutsu
1 boar 3 ox = katon heki
1 dragon 3 ox = Karyuudan
1 tiger 1 dog = Katon Goukakyuu

3 monkey 1 drag = Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu
3 monkey 1 tiger = Suirou No Jutsu
3 monkey 1 rabbite = Suiton Suikoudan no Jutsu
2 monkey 1 bird = Kirigakure
3 monkey 1 ox = Mist No Jutsu

3 monkey 1 drag = Makyou Suiryuudan no Jutsu
3 monkey 1 tiger = Makyou Suikoudan no Jutsu
2 monkey 1 ox = Makyou Armor
3 monkey 1 rabbit = Makyou Hyoushou
3 rabbit 1 rat = Futagoza No Jutsu

3 snake 1 tiger = Suiton Daibakufu no Jutsu
3 snake 1 boar = Suiton Doryuudan
3 snake 1 ox = rain no jutsu
3 snake 1 bird = Suiton Bunshin No Jutsu
3 snake 1 dog = Jouro Senban

3 rat 1 monkey = Suishouha
3 rat 1 boar = Suiton Suishouha
3 rat 1 tiger = Suiton Kyuu
3 rat 1 dog = Suiton Sousou
3 rat 1 ox = Suiton No Jutsu

3 horse 1 ram = Doton Doryo Dango
3 horse 1 ox = Doroudorno
3 horse 1 bird = Doton Doryuuheki
3 horse 1 tiger = Doton Sousou
3 horse 1 dragon = Doton Kyuu

3 rat 1 tiger = Raikyuu No Jutsu
3 rat 1 ox = Rai No Jutsu
3 rat 1 boar = Rairyuu No Tatsumaki
3 rat 1 ram = Ikazuchi No Kiba
3 rat 1 bird = Cloud Summons

3 boar 1 tiger = Fuuton: Kaze Dangan No Jutsu
3 bord 1 bird = flight
3 boar 1 dragon = Ninpou Kamaitachi
3 boar 1 dog = Fuuton: Renkuudan No Jutsu
3 boar 1 snake = Fuuton: Daitoppa No Jutsu

3 bird 1 tiger = Zankuuha
3 bird 1 snake = Sen'eijashu
3 bird 1 ox = Zan No Jutsu
3 bird 1 ram = Zankyokukuuha
3 bird 1 rabbit = Kyoumeisen

3 rabiit 1 horse = chidori
1 ram 3 rabbit = rasengan


Sorry For The P-Whipes But Try To Regain Ur Stats Back And Don t Ask For Ranks

Supported Games: NarutoSoundOrganizationTakeover NarutoAkatsukiChronicles BleachShinigamiAssault DragonballZGohanTheMystic

1. No spam killing(more than 3 times in a minute)
2. No spamming jutsu(u will be booted as it lags the server
4.No spamming caps in world say
5.No giving jutsu in world say(NOTE: A or S rank jutsu are NOT allowed to be told at any time including in view say)
6. No insulting GMs/Admins, and keep the language to a minimum we have some younger kids playing this as well
7.NO ADVERTISING unless you have talked to an admin for permission(Talk in view say with the admin)
8.NO MULTIKEYING (We check IPs to make sure of this)
9.No AFK training or killing(killing someone while aware they are AFK) Punishments can range from boot, ban, or for fun giving you a negative EXP rate so you lose stats while AFK training instead of gain.
10.PLEASE refrain from killing newbies(anyone under level 400). It ruins the game very quickly for them. Unless of course they wish to fight you, or you are of almost equal levels in which case it is fine.
11.NO BUG ABUSING(By far the most important rule)
12.DO NOT kill people who are training. If they attack you, feel free to fight back but otherwise lay off.
13.DO NOT ask GM/Admin for loans/items.
Copyright Nemo Kanatana Productions 2008

All Rights Reserved


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Killer2109: (Aug 26 2011, 3:38 pm)
Bring this Game back i would like to be host or co host i can have the game up 24/7 and i wont edit and ill enforce.. If you bring this game back Everyone would play.. I am killer2109 look me up add me on BYOND just bring this game back please.
1994kast: (Apr 6 2009, 1:59 pm)
ADMS/AND OWNERS You're need GM??

add me on messenger thanks!

[email protected]