Icon Ultima

by Enigmaster2002
Icon Ultima
The only published game in its genre. [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Enigmaster2002.IconUltima##version=117

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version 99.92.2464
Date added: Aug 21 2003
Last updated: Feb 29
Last played: Yesterday
2426 fans

Waiting List

Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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The Tibbius server that hosted the 24/7 shell server is gone.

Wiznet will no longer work and all of the extraneous features like Confucious and bug reporting will not work.

The hosting files are still available at a different address.

However, given the direction BYOND was going when I more or less stopped coming here, it's likely the game won't even run on newer versions of Dream Maker because the BYOND developers went full sellout and stuck ads in the software. Last I heard, there was going to be a mandatory minimum version number to prevent people from simply not updating to the spyware versions. Make sure you blame the correct party if IU stops working.

The source files for Icon Ultima will never be distributed, in part or in whole, either for free or any material exchange, including but not limited to any representation of monetary holdings, or any intellectual property under any license. Anyone selling, giving away, in possession of, or engaged in distribution of any piece or the entirety of Icon Ultima's source files is in possession of stolen material.

Icon Ultima and all of its' related indicia are exclusive property of Benjamin "Mobius Evalon" Rothe.

Copyright 2003+ "Mobius Evalon"


Mobius Evalon: (Mar 1, 4:28 am)
I just moved the host files to a Dropbox, so they should be available for download from the hub page again.
Ryan659: (Sep 27 2015, 12:42 pm)
Host files can be found here, now that the tibbius.com domain that hosted them is gone:

https://drive.google.com/ open?id=0BxefdGvWZBPhSEhYMURTTWJ2VkU
Luna Celestia: (Aug 31 2015, 1:27 pm)
R.I.P. Icon Ultima
2004 - 2015
Mobius Evalon: (Nov 17 2013, 3:07 pm)
Shell server is now running BYOND 498.
Mobius Evalon: (Oct 16 2013, 10:08 pm)
The host files should be in working order, and the shell server is back up. If it ever goes down and you want to relaunch it, use iu:shell and click the big button.

Other IU services are being replaced slowly. The transition from Slicehost to Linode (due to the latter buying the former) caused all of the problems that put the server out of commission. Revamped help (with relevant information) will likely come first, and Confucius after that. The forums will likely not return, considering BYOND gives the game its own forum space on the hub page now.