Poke Wisteria Online RP

by Inutaishos
Wisteria is a Roleplay Driven Online game that happens 30 years before Red's adventure, be part of the creation of the Pokemon League and change the story and the world as we know! Check alot of creative mechanics and follow the game development [More]

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Version Kanto Pre-Alpha
Date added: May 15 2011
Last updated: Nov 23 2020
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Hello guys! I was packing some contents to summarize everything at once here, so check out the progression on Poke Wisteria Online!

Worked on more interface element and controls overall, but mainly decided on how perks/classes will work, and be displayed through the team menu... In this example my Lapras haves surf and talking pokemon perks!

Humans and pokémon have 6 perk slots, and for humans they work similar to classes, unlocking new skills and letting you build very different characters, in this example we have newbie scientist, breeder, trainer and criminal all at the same char, however this kind of build "uses up" alot of perks slots. Newbie is the first class perk, as its possible to learn in chain many others that will unlock even more gameplay and skills!

We also have a relationship bar, that raises depending on how you interact with your pokémon, and pokémon can have 3 different humors, friendly, neutral and agressive, depending on your pokémon humor, you will need different methods to raise the relationship with it, for example playing with friendly pokémons will raise its relationship,while agressive pokémon will require you to do more agressive acts with them, like sparring etc.
Relationship will affect the quality of that pokémon in battle, so a pokémon with great relationship can easily defeat another pokemon with double of their status without relationships; they will only raise if you have recently Roleplayed enough with your pokémon aswell!

Created new pokéballs UI with unique return ray colors

Created Eggs dynamics, they are organized in egg groups, and as you interact with them and raise their relationships, they can hatch, eggs are always "friendly", but are 20x easier to complete the relationship bar of an egg then it is of a real pokémon. You can also sendout and walk around with your egg for the cool rps! (PS they can't level up)

Commands and interactions are pretty intuitive, pressing space will show what type of commands you can use within that object/npc or player, these commands can change depending on your trainer classes, ranks etc, and this opens a huge variety of interaction with the world, yet being simple and clean UI-wise.
Studying lets you learn and re-sort your human's skills, using the classes as a base.
You can do jobs and earn money, and interact with the world around you as its expected of a rp game;

Some pokémon can be used as labor-force, and explored as such! so the world isnt just about battles! you can work alongside with your pokémon and explore deeper concepts of this universe!

In shops we have a very intuitive interface, and the items in stock vary depending on the products shipped around the kanto by its factory!

The game lore runs in 30 years before red's adventure, during the creation of Pokémon League, a dream to change the pokémon world from an labor exploration, to creating real bounds between pokémon-humans, by sending kids around the world with their pokémons friends to develop bounds, creating all the sport-competition related to it.
In the pokémon world we know, the league creation was a success, but in Wisteria it will depend on the roleplay and how the story goes! So visit this complete revision of Kanto as it should be!(ps the erp picture is a joke, erp wont be allowed)

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