DBZ Living Legends

by Jiamind
DBZ Living Legends
My first game sorry for the long wait but i had to make this game.So come read the info and give it a try. [More]

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Version 1
Date added: Oct 27 2004
Last updated: May 13 2005
Last played: Mar 11 2012
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Multiplayer/Non Zeta-Rip Coding/Uses Zeta Icon/DragonBall Z RPG/Scratch Map & Coding

The hub before this got erased some how -_-....
I have added a click system for broken keyboards ,to find the onscreen keyboard go to start/programs/accessories/accessibilty.
You will go bald after fusion's just to look stupid sometimes.
ll short for (living legends) is my first game i was gonna go rip but i had to learn to code so as kept building this game i fixed alot of bugs/errors(but post in forum).If i am the host its just a temp server i can't be a 24/7 host.

Female got rights(hooked them up).
Unlock beams,original zeta attacks,physical's and death moves for your character.
2 fusion systems with the ability to unfuse.
Each race follow's the z series in there moves but bebi and demons are just bonus chracters..
Bonus ending which sort of a GM thing but its just a bonus.
Also guilds,different ssj hairs(well a few),new training idea's,important places,custom clothes,Each race with moves like the show (read below about races) and proabbly more i can't rember...

Sayains-still one of the best races with 2 fusion systems and 4 form's while attacks from the show and the ability to fuse with halfbreed's.

HalfBreed's-Same as sayains 3 forms no tails but based on gohan and trunks mostly.

Human's-Still same boring human's based off krillin yamcha and tien but i gave them forms,like a buff form for males and a aura for females.

Nameks-Them little green guys with my favorite special death move (Hellzone Grenade)also a fusion to follow the seris but its permanent.

Changling & Icers-basically changling's(frieza)have the best way to getting form's still some good attacks even though i threw Icer(cooler) in with the mix of frieza ,but still seperate forms.

Biodriod-Simple andriods with the mix moves of 16,17,18,19 and this race is still pretty good.

Andriod(Cell)-Cell is here with the same transfrmations ways as the show but a selectable move list.

Majins-This is a good race to really has all the attacks from that saga except pinkblast but this bubble gum has forms like a sayain.

Aliens(Bebi)-This little blue guy ~_o is the best race along with majins against the sayains he only has one move but if you ever play as him is the best move you could ever want and a suit just to transform in.(Bebi just a bonus character icon i found and i haven't really seen GT so i just added him anyway)

Demons-Another bonus character icon i found with 3 form's and so pretty decent moves.

**Please read the helpbook before loging in** NOTE:If hosting make your character first then host ,so no one won't still your hosting commands.


cooler doesn't have 2nd forms nor cell does ,but cell has his moves and cooler shares moves with frieza....
if there is downloading problems post in forum.