Dragonball Z Kumori Kunrin Remastered

by Kaliean
Dragonball Z Kumori Kunrin Remastered
Come play! BELIEVE IT. This game is fun. [More]

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Last updated: Jun 9 2018
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Game revised by SonicR7
Dragonball Z Kumori Kunrin Remastered! By Kaliean

Members Benefit:
Race that gets all moves
Faster Leveling than normal players
Double the training points than normal players


Kaliean (Owner)
Beaubee (Level 5 Administrator,Prox)
Edgarlike-Administrator (Admin Level 4,Cerberus)
I Like to Kill-Administrator (Admin Level 4,James)
Zaizuke12-GM (Admin Level 3, Zai)
Kvahn67-GM (Admin Level 3, Shadow)
Maurox24-GM (Admin Level 3, Maurox)
Dtwon-GM (Admin Level 3, Dtwon)

Game Rules:

General Rules:
Requires everyones attention!!!
1.)No asking for source.(you will be banned right away.)
2.)No insulting GM's.(your consequence will overrule to the GM that you insulted.(which means they can do whatever they want to you.(be careful of what you say:D.)
3.)No asking for GM.( you will have no consequence, you will just be told to go on the forum, and apply with the right format.)
4.)No killing near spawning points.(You will be warned the first time,then you will be booted, and after you are booted from killing near a spawning point, and you keep doing it constantly, you will start to get banned.)
5.)No insulting the players.(you will be booted, then you will be banned temporarily.)
6.)No advertising, it is disrespectful to the owner, and the players.(you will be banned by key.)
7.)No Spam Killing.(you will be booted,then banned if continued.)
8.)No Flaming people in OOC.(you will be booted, then banned.)
9.)No Racism Comments.(you will be booted, then banned right away by IP.)
10.)No "Safe Zone Killing".(You will be warned then booted then banned for a day then a week.)
Game Master Rules
Please Read Carefully, and follow them.
1.)Do not abuse your GM powers.(Loss of Powers.)
2.)Do not insult higher level GM's then you.(Demote and or loss of powers,+ban.)
3.)Never ask for a promotion.(You will either have loss of powers, or a major downgrade.)
4.)No banning someone for no reason.( Loss of powers+ a rebound on whatever you did too that person.)
5.)You must follow most player rules. You are only regular players with special verbs.(You will get a downgrade if you do not apply to this rule.)
6.)You must help any player that are in need of help.(You will result in loss of powers.( You must do your job.)
7.)Do not edit yourself or others.
8.)Treat all players the same whether they are your friend or not.
9.)Respect everyone.

War Of Races
Leader of Bio-Android's:
Leader of Legendary Saiyan's:
Leader of Saiyan's:
Leader of Half-Saiyan's:
Leader of Human's:
Leader of Majin's:
Leader of Tuffle's:
Leader of Android's:
Leader of Kai's:
Leader of Necromancer's:
Leader of Galactic Warrior's:
Leader of Namek's:
Leader of Dragon's:

There is a requirement in the game to be a Leader of a Race. The Leader of the Race is allowed to negotiate wars between races, the requirement will be told inside the game.

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We do not need anymore GM's at the moment, but you can apply on the forums and we'll get back to you when we need more gm's.

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GFX Designs By:Dinomaster45

Rankers get 5e+009 TP's!! Proof needs to be shown first though.