Naruto:Blood Lust

by Keavon
Naruto:Blood Lust
Continued version of Naruto Land Of Hidden Ninja [More]

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Date added: Jun 22 2006
Last updated: Jul 19 2006
Last played: Jun 11 2007
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Percent Updated:20%

Percent Changed:15%

Blood Lust And Life Gates(Ura Range)Are Fusing to become one..we are still making a new

Now We have added Akimichi clan and their justu's We have also added Hatake clan still working on the the Next update both clans will be accessible.

No Spwan killing(if cought u will be jailed for an 20 mins or more)
Dont beg for chuunins(hosted every 7:45)
Dont ask Gm's for stat points or kills

most important(have Fun and dont be a pain)
Byond members(Add this game to your fav's Help us out we need you to get to the top)

GFX(made by)Deffy,Maes
Coding(Naruto 2900,SareX,XzDog,Kaito,Keavon)
Forum Maker's(Seph,Mr.Sym,Kunai)
Helping out game(Reno,-----,more to come...)

Thanks From:Kid(Keavon)

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