Final Revelations

by KensheX
Final Revelations
Engage in a world full of roleplay. Create and customize your own character! [More]

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Date added: Jul 23 2017
Last updated: Jul 24 2017
Last played: Jun 10
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Final Revelations
Engage yourself in a world of roleplay. Create and customize your very own character. Explore the world!


Nevets_DBM: (May 6, 8:32 am)
I'm late to the party, but since Ryuujin just tries to lie about past things he hopes you guys weren't around for... He was never an admin on any major Finale server, and acted exactly the same as he is now...

Anyone considering playing this game when it's up, ignore Ryuujin's rants... The game is fun and well-run as well as having generally helpful admins and a nice community.
Toopher2: (Feb 5, 5:33 pm)
I erase my discord and I lose such high fucking quality content. FML
BigFatAnimeTiddies: (Jan 24, 11:12 pm)
Lad, for your own sanity, please touch some grass.

Not counting alt accounts, the DBRP community that plays Finale based games, such as FR / CC / RT, is about 100 players. Population fluctuates depending on which game is up, which wipe is the most fresh, and whatever tribal nonsense people want to hold onto to not play whatever source they don't like. For sanity's sake, let's say 70 of those 100 will play any game that is up. We can easily divide up the remaining 30 to 10 per game that won't swap at all. Claiming "CC People ruin the community" could just be labeling various FR and RT players at the same time. Just face the facts that the DBRP community is so small, that the odds of someone new joining at slim to none with how dated of a platform Byond is. So if a majority of these players do not enjoy being around you, then maybe there is an issue on your end that you need to address instead of just slinging venom at people you disagree with.

This is why asking who shares your views isn't a "bait" for bullying or harassment. With so many people who are vocally against how you have been in the community, be it in game or out of game, it makes your argument of "For the greater good of the community" so much weaker. You've been quick to throw Maltet, Identify, Alf, and Gflash all under the bus but can't get assistance from people who supposedly share your viewpoints.

Regardless of your beef with Gflash, if you're actually trying to grow a game and community on the source that you have a coded adminship for, this wouldn't really put confidence in any new player's that somehow come to your game if you instantly attack someone like this in OOC.

"I was the first and only original Finale admin to actually be fair and responsible to the players"

Also, if you plan to type up another wall, for all that is holy, space it out at least.

Identify: (Jan 24, 8:24 pm)
You weren't meant to be unbanned in the first place. I let you stay until Alf decided to ban you again. Short answer

Ryuujin: (Jan 24, 7:43 pm)
Two toxic ones - CC and FR - and I left RT by myself. I called CC and FR out on abusive/toxic behavior from both players and admins. I don't even see it as shameful at all, because I took a stand for the majority of the players who don't like what you all do. Stop spreading lies and defamation about me already, you don't even know what you're talking about at all.