Final Revelations

by KensheX
Final Revelations
Engage in a world full of roleplay. Create and customize your own character! [More]
Version 2.0
Date added: Jul 23 2017
Last updated: Mar 9
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Final Revelations
Engage yourself in a world of roleplay. Create and customize your very own character. Explore the world!


TheUndyingSpell: (Jan 1, 11:05 am) a admin abuser and a devil worshipper, no comment other then that and the following the only things resembling friends the devil has are demons and those who worship him.
TheUndyingSpell: (Jan 1, 12:59 am)
Zack, you said you would strip iocamus if he abused, i Dunno who banned me from discord but i was banned and all i did was A, point out his previous admin abuse and B, go a little off topic in suggestions which multiple other people did. Sounds like admin abuse an attempt to cover his tracks, poorly at that or someone else thinking admins are monarchs and beyond reproach and cant be called out and therefore i should be banned.
TheUndyingSpell: (Dec 9 2023, 8:09 pm)
As long as Iocamus isnt an admin like i suspect he might be sure it could be, I've witnessed him using admin powers to teleport to people out of the blue and non rp people on rp games on more then one occasion with an edited character no less. Hard to call it admin enforcing either when he proceeded to use the items he stole from the body to benefit his cliche of friends, or maybe the times i've seen him non rp what was either ryuujin or a ryuujin impersonator. Hell, he has non rped me on just one game he was admin on at least 8 times and meta gamed when he was doing so to as well as admin abusing both for the obvious of breaking rules as an admin as well as using admin powers to do it
Nevets_DBM: (May 6 2022, 8:32 am)
I'm late to the party, but since Ryuujin just tries to lie about past things he hopes you guys weren't around for... He was never an admin on any major Finale server, and acted exactly the same as he is now...

Anyone considering playing this game when it's up, ignore Ryuujin's rants... The game is fun and well-run as well as having generally helpful admins and a nice community.
Toopher2: (Feb 5 2022, 5:33 pm)
I erase my discord and I lose such high fucking quality content. FML