DragonBall Z: Dawn Of Destruction

by Louisthe10
Fans , friends, im sorry but im discounting this. I want to only work on origonal projects from now on. im done with rips, only leaving the hub to serve as a reminder of my failures or successes i had here. [More]

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Version 1
Date added: Jul 17 2009
Last updated: May 4 2017
Last played: Jan 2 2017
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DragonBall Z: Dawn Of Destruction


~Updates being worked on.

The Game is currently under reconstruction.



  • Owner - Demon AKA Louisthe10

  • Co Owner - Odin Aka Mastergamekiller

  • Pixel Artist - Odin || Open || Open

  • Programmers - Demon AKA Louisthe10

  • Host - Demon

  • Back Up Host - None

  • Graphic Artist - Demon AKA Louisthe10



  • 3 Remakes a day.

  • NO SPAMMING / FLOODING, You will be muted

  • No verbally harassing other players or admins. You shall be muted.

  • DO NOT EVER ask for admin or you will be muted.

  • Do not kill in SPAWN points. First Offense is a warning. The second offense is being Jailed. On the third offense YOU WILL BE BANNED for 12 hours.

  • Do not beg for your statistics to be boosted. YOU WILL BE MUTED.

  • Find a bug? Post it on our forums.
    If you are caught bug abusing YOU WILL BE BANNED.

  • If you impersonate an admin YOU WILL BE BANNED.

  • No EZ MACROS or any third party program to help you while you are not at the keyboard. If you are caught, you will be banned on-sight.

  • No Relogging to avoid dying. The first time you are caught its a warning. The second time and beyond it's a few hours in jail.

  • No Jail / Mute / Ban Avoiding, If you avoid any of these its an instant 24 hour ban (Minimum) / Perm Ban (MAX).

  • No rolling up on high leveled admin, or owner, always ask a lower leveled GM first. (Possible Mute)

  • No MULTIKEYING unless its another human and you can pass test....

    -Staff Rules-

  • Respect other Staff members

  • Don't get carried away with your verbs

  • Don't abuse your verbs in any way.

  • Don't boot/ban players because you don't like them or your in a bad mood

  • Treat players the way you wish to be treated

  • Dont abuse announce

  • Obey those higher rank than you

  • Do not jail players for no reason

  • I`d also like to note that admin can not use edit because they don`t have it, only the owner and co owner does, because they are the only ones who will not edit there stats.

    -Game Progress-


    More Info Coming Soon!


SagasX5: (Nov 17 2016, 11:24 pm)
How long does the ban last for creating many characters?...

and i'm sorry