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by Magdreamer
Avatar Online
[Founded on 11/9/07] Avatar Online is based on the Anime/Cartoon, Avatar: The Last Airbender. The game takes place thousands of years before the legend of Aang. Original Coding, Icons and Gameplay! [More]

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Date added: Oct 3 2007
Last updated: Dec 15 2007
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Forum Launched [16 Dec 07]
The forum is now up and running, please visit it at http://avataronline.o2.sg/.

Forum Coming soon [14 Dec 07]
The forum will launch soon, it will be powered by IPB 2.3.3. The forum might not be hosted on the X4Network Webserver, because as alot of you have noticed, it has been down for the past week. I'm trying to contact the host, but if we can't get it back up, I'll have to upload the website to a new webserver. The domain name might be lost though, because I was not given access to the domain name control panel at netfirms.com even though I was supposed to, I will try to get it from the host if possible.

X4Network Rip-offs [13 Dec 07]
There has been a outbreak of X4Network Copy-cats, which was not a suprise to me, seeing a lot of people on BYOND can't do anything original. D3 Network is one of these Copy-cats. If you support Avatar Online and X4Network, don't help these Rip-offs gain any popularity. D3 Network is by far the worst, they imitated every action X4Network has taken, they are making a cheap Avatar Game as well as a Death Note game. Their Logo is also identical, but lousier.

Avatar Online when founded, it one of the only Avatar game around, but ever since the launch of the Hub, more and more Avatar projects have been started. But I believe that none of them will be nearly as good at the original.

Recruiting Iconners [9 Dec 07]
The whole game's code is coded by Scizzees from nothing. The whole game's graphics from base to items to turfs are being done by me, which is a whole lot of graphics to be done. That is why I need YOU, any good iconners on BYOND who can dedicate time to spriting anything for the game.

You need to be able to Icon,
-Turfs [Not so much, I do most of them]
-Items & Hairstyles [Alot of frames, you'll be doing this alot]
-Bending Animations [Mostly done]

To Apply, please contact me (Magdreamer) through one of the following Email Addresses. I'm on MSN everyday for est. 7 hours a day and check my email once everyone day. Contact me through MSN/Email, [email protected]


Avatar Online is based on the Anime/Cartoon, Avatar: The Legend of Aang. When you start, you can choose to be born in one of the four continents. Each will determine the element you will be able to bend. The game takes place thousands of years before the legacy of Aang.

Leaders of each continent are given the choice of warring and allying other continents.

The Avatar Cycle - There will be a continuous cycle of avatars which will take place monthly. If the first generation's avatar was an air nomad, the next will chosen from the water tribe, the earth kingdom, the fire nation and back to the air nomads.

Kiyoshi Warriors - This part of the game has not been discussed in detail and little detail will be released till further notice. There might not even be any, since, the game is based before most of the actual storyline. However, Kiyoshi died centuries before the Aang was born. So it contradicts each other.

Nation Leaders - For each Earth Capital, there will be a King, but they are all under the power of the Earth King. The Fire Nation will be ruled by one supreme power, the Fire Lord. For the Air Nomads, they will not have a single leader, but many. A group of 5 elders will be in-charge of each temple. The Water Tribes will each have a Chief, which will decide everything in the village. All the Leaders will more or less, have power over the game's story, they will have the power to choose the Wars that go on, which leads to the possibility of an Era of Peace.

Elements - Continent
Earth - Earth Kingdom (Ba-Sing-Se)
Fire - Fire Nation (Undecided...)
Air - Air Nomads (Air Temple)
Water - Water Tribes (Polar Region & Port Town)


Sub elements are elements which you can master by finding Gurus from around the continents. A Guru in Lightning bending will be located somewhere in the Fire Continent for example.

Confirmed Maps
South Pole
Northern Water Tribe
Southern Air Temple
Northern Air Temple
The Great Divide
Earth Kingdom Base (Ba-Sing-Se)

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I hope you continue with this even if the game is crappy I would take a crappy one then no one. I love this game it looks fantastic.
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pls put it on u basted i love the game and i want u to put it on i can be a gm if you want
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SHUT YOUR FUCKING FACE YOU GOD DAMN BASTERD!!!!! This game looks GREAT! I can't wait for it to come onlone, and you can go die in a hole like the usless PIG you are! >:(