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Fall behind and become a victim; or escape and live to tell the tale of Crypthead. [More]
Version 2.8
Date added: Dec 18 2020
Last updated: May 30 2022
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byond:// [Dedicated Server (v2.8)
Map: In Lobby (Not Started)
Players: 0/10

No players.
As a light fog settles over the campground, drunken teenagers rage into the night,
Yet something is askew just beneath the surface.

Fall behind and become a victim; or escape and live to tell the tale of Crypthead.
[Download EXE]

Crypthead is an online 2D survival horror game where players take on the role of counselor's of a new camp being opened after several years of closure. Soon our counselors will learn why the camp was shut down in the first place.

You and seven other players will be tasked with using the environment and resources in order to escape and evade while a slick and brutal monster hunts and slaughters everyone in sight. Each round is set in a new map and players will have an entirely new chance to live to tell the tale of Crypthead!

Likewise, take control of this killer only spoken in rumors and legends. You may even be able to discover the lore behind the creature itself. Select from several monster designs and popular pop-culture references with their own individual special abilities.The Crypthead is given an arsenal of abilities and tricks in order to hunt and kill the innocent counselors!

Each round begins with players scattered throughout unique and beautifully designed maps, with one simple task; survive! Special items such as batteries and gasoline spawn randomly throughout the map, and can be used to power cars, boats, and electricity.

Players can interact with their environment in order to hide and gather supplies to defend themselves. But beware! The monster can also interact with the environment destroying radio towers and power supply. Players can also be killed inside their hiding spots and while in vehicles!

For the best experience; play with headphones! Crypthead features dynamic audio along with several audio que's that help players interact with the environment. Each monster features it's own spawning audio; while players can be alerted by a snare when they're being tracked, players can also hold their breath to avoid detection when the monster is within sight.

Subscription Benefits:
- Access to benefits across all games by Paperclip Productions.
- Ability to change in-game name.
- Access to bonus monster characters.
- Access to bonus player characters.
- Item, "Nightvision goggles"

Controls can be altered/changed in-game.
Movement - WSAD/Arrow keys
Speak - V
Attack - F
G - Get(Click items for option to drop)
E - Open doors/Jump through windows
Z - Run/Hold breath
SPACE - Interact

Some of the background music in this project were created by Eric Matyas.
Some of the sounds in this project were created by David McKee.

HideBehind System by Kaiochao
Lighting System by Nadrew
Female Voice Audio by Karen Cenon
Various Audio by Psionic Games
Various Audio by InspectorJ

Designed and created by Nicholas R using the BYOND Development Software.

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Magicbeast20: (May 30 2022, 4:08 am)
(5/30/2022) v2.8 server uploaded! Some minor behind-the-scenes bug fixes as well as some server optimizations.