Final Impact: Aeon Catalyst

by Mana Production
Final Impact: Aeon Catalyst
Dreams are manifestations of one's mind. Reality are manifestations of one's actions. Face Dreams and Reality To Where Truth Behold All! [More]

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Version 0.25 [ALPHA]
Date added: Nov 22 2014
Last updated: Jul 23
Last played: Jun 4 2016
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- Development in progress -

Official Release: Alpha Testing. No Release Date Confirmed

Aeon Catalyst (FIO: AC) is an original upcoming Active Turn Based RPG in making by Team Mana.

Part of the FIO series as Spinoff, the game is in alternative universe which doesn't follow the current storyline.

A deep storyline which surround around the main protagonist (YOU). Decisions made will alter how the storyline goes as you progress the game.

Develop your ION and unlock the truth which is hidden in the universe of Aeon Catalyst.

Will your decisions tide the fate of the world or your own fate?

Credits to:
Forum_account - Chat Bubble's Library
Schematist (SoundCloud) - Music
Andy Hiroyuki (SoundCloud) - Music


Huka_Joe: (Aug 27 2015, 8:13 am)
wow this looks like its going to be amazing! cant wait to sink my teeth into some of this
Xhaos: (Apr 17 2015, 6:18 pm)
Slowly getting there
Soma Schicksal: (Feb 26 2015, 2:11 pm)
For those who wish to understand what Values raises what stats on Aeon:
Soma Schicksal: (Feb 19 2015, 12:27 pm)
And it's pretty much character-based that act like a class.

Each have two elemental affinities (which determinate their future skills when all worked on).

Players control how they build their character's ION in order to gain new weapons (since no weapon shop), skills, abilities through five stats (Fight, Belief, Endurance, Sincerity, Mettle), so they will gain everything that character may learn through their ION Build when all five stats reached lv 20 (Game Max lv is 200).
Bloodytwist3: (Feb 18 2015, 6:00 pm)
Can I... Have Laguna's battle theme from FF8? And, aww no fro damn... maybe a low fro? Oh and what classes will there be?