Slime Journey II: The Retriever's Guild

by Metroid
Slime Journey II: The Retriever's Guild
Welcome to the World of Slime Journey II. In a whole new world, with all new enviroments, make friends, get houses, even get your own party with a Summon. Anything is possible in this installment of the SJ Saga. [More]

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Version 150
Date added: Apr 18 2004
Last updated: Aug 5 2004
Last played: Feb 10 2005
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The favored game of Slime Journey is back in a great new sequel, own houses, buy items for those houses, and return to the world saved by your father. Nothing is ever the same in this world, but now its safer for you, but for how long?

Please, before playing this game, read the rules about everything before you join, punishment for anything said against the rules, will be as stated.

Server Info:
Host: Metroid
Times Up: 24/7
Current Note: Should be up. If for any reason it is not, email me at (My New one) or IM me with AIM at Peace Metroid. Thanks, and all suggestions are to be given there too.

Current Things New from SJ1:
1) A Housing System.
2) Jobs right off the bat, instead of after a certain point.
3) A Clan System, where what clan you pick means a different character's stat gain extras.
4) Summon System.
5) A new storyline system, does not include going forward and never returning. (Except to old dungeons for the MAIN story.)
6) Side Quests. (Later not implemented yet.)

Current Game Stats:
We have 4 Jobs, 5 Clans, 39 Skills, 99 Monster Skills, 42 Monsters, 3 Bosses, 3 Quests, 11 Transformations, 41 Job Levels, 651 Normal Levels, 24 House Items (7 New), 58 Dolls, 47 Houses, A Nice Title Screen, and 10 Summons. =P Enjoy.


One_Fat_Crap: (Feb 22 2013, 4:17 am)
please bring this game back asap