Naruto Supreme Chaos

by Naruto 5292
Naruto Supreme Chaos
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Version 6
Date added: Apr 7 2010
Last updated: Feb 18
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Description of NSC

NSC is a classic BYOND styled naruto game with an endless array of unique clans, custom abilities, secret quests and kekkai genkai combinations. The possibilities for unleashing your full power are limitless.

The stakes are high in an epic battle between Villages and Organizations. Villages must work together to free demons in a desperate attempt to save the world from inevitable doom (game ending wipe). The clock is ticking as Organizations race to create the Juubi to end the world (game) and restart it where they reign supreme.

But fear not, young ninja! With Kage and village mechanics in place, even low-level players can play a crucial role in the fight to save the world. With wild demon attacks happening regularly, there's always a chance to prove your worth by sealing demons and becoming a jinchuriki.

Don't miss out on the daily events that give you the chance to earn event points and unlock unique traits for your character.

Whether you're a seasoned ninja or just starting out, there's always something new and exciting to discover in this immersive Naruto gaming universe.

So sharpen your blades, practice your jutsu, and get ready to join the fight of a lifetime. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders - are you up to the challenge?

Note: Even if the game is down - Click here to join the discord to stay up to date with the latest news. Game goes down for a while every year but always comes back.

Owner of the game: Naruto 5292 (Tarfex)

Check out this review from 2011 that is still true to this day:

Xneonsword's review for this game is:
Gameplay 8/10
Presentation 9/10
Originality 8/10
Overall 9/10

"This is a very original game has very few aspects that you would see in other Naruto games on byond. extremily friendly and helpful staff members. has stranded graphics that u see on byond but with
really good icons such as weapons and cloths seem to be of much higher quality. over all this is my all time favorite game on byond."

(The Players nor owners/staff are in any way related/joined or with with Viz Media, or any of their other groups, this game is based on the Naruto (Manga/Anime) which is created by Masashi Kishimoto. The game is non-profit fan game(100%).We (The players/Staff) DO NOT claim to own any reserved rights over Naruto)

THIS IS A FAN GAME ALL NARUTO CONTENT BELONGS TO Masashi Kishimoto, Viz Media and respective owners.

tags: #anime, #fan, #fan-game, #non-profit.

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Naruto 5292: (Feb 5, 7:50 pm)
Game will be back on February 13th! Join the discord if you have discord
Naruto 5292: (Jan 18, 7:24 pm)
The game will be back soon - hoping to have everything ready for early February!
Naruto 5292: (Nov 10 2023, 7:11 pm)
Hey! We just had an amazing run for 2023. 60+ players - mind blowing to think NSC would ever reach that high of a number. Game just went down today and will be back in a little while after updates and content changes are made. So if you see this down DONT WORRY! Game is not dead and never will be. Its just time to take a break from the DEV life and enjoy BYOND as a player for a little bit :) we'll be back soon. Join the discord for updates.
Naruto 5292: (May 16 2023, 7:36 pm)
Game will be back soon - still working on updates. Join the discord to stay up to date
Naruto 5292: (Jan 31 2023, 7:01 pm)
Game is going down for a bit - taking a break from BYOND. We'll be back sometime in in spring or summer