Naruto Supreme Chaos

by Naruto 5292
Naruto Supreme Chaos
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Medals Earned

Medal Player Date
May 14, 7:54 am
May 13, 2:38 pm
May 12, 5:49 pm
May 13, 2:04 pm
May 12, 5:49 pm
May 10, 5:26 pm
May 13, 2:04 pm
May 12, 5:49 pm
May 12, 5:42 am
May 10, 4:46 pm
May 6, 10:25 am
May 13, 2:04 pm
May 12, 5:26 pm
May 9, 1:27 pm
May 9, 12:36 pm
May 6, 10:25 am
May 6, 1:56 am
May 12, 9:56 pm
May 12, 6:19 pm
May 9, 5:14 pm
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Medals Available

Kills medal

if you get 100 kills
Crazy Killer

if you get 250 kills
Killing medal

if you get 400 kills

if you get 700 kills you will be given this medal!

S-Rank Akatsuki

if you join Akatsuki


if you betray (leave) your village

Elite S.O

Join Sound 5
Leaf Kage

Become Hokage
Grass Feudal Lord

Become Grass Feudal Lord
Mist Kage

Become Mizukage
Sand Kage

Become Kazekage
Rock Kage

Become Tsuchikage
Dark Kage

Sun Kage

Become TaiyouKage
Waterfall Kage

Become Enukage
Rain Kage

Become Amekage
Sound Kage

Become Otokage
Cloud Kage

Become Raikage
Star Kage

Become Hoshikage
Snow Kage

Become Sorukage
Moon Kage

Become Moon kage


Become Anbu of any vilage


Become Sannin of any village

7 Ninja Swordmen

Join SSM


Join Hebi


Become a Hunter Nin of any village
Broke Ninja

Have 0 YEN
Org Leader

Become Org Leader
Blood Member

join Blood org

Special Jounin

Become a Squad Jounin