Dragonball Zeta

by Nick231
Dragonball Zeta
Dragonball Zeta v48 [More]

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Version 48 Beta
Date added: Apr 26 2005
Last updated: Jan 22 2010
Last played: Apr 29 2009
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Update June 24, 2009:

Some minor work has been done once more on the game, no promises for the immediate future, but it may be making a return some point in the future.

Note as of Jan 22, 2010:
Mapping can get really tedious.


Dhilton: (Oct 20, 12:29 am)
God bless, boys.
79Eagle: (Sep 3, 3:43 pm)
Haha I still remember the Time Chamber gravitation pull.
Indeed Rinaldo, you must enjoy every moment in your life, because all good things come to an end. Still hopeful for news on Zeta..
TERRANCE: (Oct 7 2019, 8:20 am)
YO!! where the oldheads at?
Rinaldo: (Nov 16 2017, 12:57 pm)
Ah the good old times! I wish i could relive them, that's why you must enjoy every moment in your life, because you will look back on the fun times you had eventually and suddenly realize you didn't have enough of fun and could have done more, but that's life i guess ;)

I used to play this game nonstop. It's fun to see that some people still post here once in awhile.

I can still clearly remember the many programming flaws this game had (unforeseen circumstances that hadn't been accounted for by the author)

Maybe it's those programming flaws that made this game so damn fun to play in the first place. Games that are to strict and rules bound tend to get boring very quickly.
Gotenks_Of_Darkness: (Jun 24 2016, 7:58 am)
We are all still around on my remake of Zeta. Including Blade the Namek. Its not hard to find guys