Naruto The New Light

by Opatos
Naruto The New Light 1.0 [More]

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Version 1.0
Date added: Jun 17
Last updated: Jun 18
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Notes: Please read the rules when you enter the game! We do not give boosts to those who rank the game, please do not ask.


Credits/Former Staff:
XzDog- For releasing Naruto Izou and allowing us to grow from what were humble beginnings to where we are now
NeoAce - For granting us not only use of his original icons in Izou, but finding and contacting Matt to allow us to use more updated versions
Branks - Original Izou Icon Artist
Malkortia - Original Izou Icon Artist
Matt3151 / Matt - Main programmer for NTFB
DarkX85 / Kalak - Main iconner for NTFB
Mike4593 / Sefirosu - Co-owner and Head Administrator for NTFB
UlquiorraSchiffer4 / Hydra - Submitted Icons
Reddeye / Reddeye - Submitted Icons
Silent0killa / Daniil - Submitted Icons
Treak - Submitted Icons
Ashley - Submitted Icons
FluffyKitten / Kitty - Helped with Programming

About Naruto The New Light:
Naruto The Final Battle first started out as a minor project by Matt3151 who used the Naruto Izou source as the base and built it around that.

After years of work the game developed into a community of avid naruto fans who enjoyed the game for what it had to offer. After finding his calling in life, Matt handed the game over to his Head Admin, Sefirosu (Mike4593) who dreamed of making the game into something great. This would be the current NTNL. However, due to various life complications, the original group consisted of Opatos, Sefirosu, Mello and Gillz were disbanded and the project halted. The game did not die however, as fans of the game such as CoolStoryBro and Onikitsu, out of their strong love for the game, took it upon themselves to bring back the game and make it into what they think would be an amazing naruto game.

That version of the game would have seen individuals such as Shade and Spevacus and Dayvon64 taking over the mantle and heading up the game as their own, making it into the current Naruto The Final Battle that most current players would be familiar with.

As this version is the original version that was handed to Sefirosu by Matt, it lacks most of the content that the other versions would have. Instead there was a major focus on improving the stability of the game and introducing balanced PvP. From there we hope to eventually add in the content that the game deserves and fulfill Sefirosu's wish of making NTNL into one of the best naruto games on BYOND.