Pokemon BlueFire

by RareScar
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Version 2.15.391
Date added: Mar 9 2011
Last updated: Apr 12
Last played: May 14
281 fans
Pokemon BlueFire
Dungeons, bosses, secrets, user-friendly battle system. [More]

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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Last game update: 04/03/2014 details
Game status: Closed.
Last version: 2.15.391
Official server closed on: 4/6/2014

April 6th, 2014
Due to the lack of support, Pokemon BlueFire will not be updated any further. Thanks to all the fans for the support you have given us in the past; we had a good run!

April 12, 2014
Here is the new download link for PBF host files, in case someone wants to play it: pbf_arranged.rar.

We do not claim ownership of the contents used in this game. This is an unoriginal game made by fans. Pokemon and all the content used in this game is property of its respective owners.


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Locked: Version 2 Released by RareScar
Updates by RareScar



GreenShaymin: (Mar 13, 11:53 am)
Hmm, it appears that when I switch keys. After while, BYOND too changes who's hosting. They should just leave it as who started hosting it.
GreenShaymin: (Mar 3, 5:13 pm)
SeymourG: (Mar 3, 4:30 pm)
Don't encourage their laziness!
GreenShaymin: (Mar 3, 4:54 am)
Server lists:

Seymour - byond://

GreenShaymin - byond://

There, now ya'll have the two main hosts of Pokémon Blue Fire
SeymourG: (Mar 2, 9:51 pm)
And my server is up sometimes too!


Usually me or Shaymin's server will be up, now that the game is taking off again.