Pokemon BlueFire

by RareScar
Pokemon BlueFire
Adventure through the realm of Elysius, conquering dungeons, surviving event challenges with PvP and GYM Battles! Up to 152+ Pokemon available! [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://RareScar.PokemonBlueFire##version=49

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version 3.06.414
Date added: Mar 8 2011
Last updated: Jul 31
Last played: Nov 11
453 fans

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Game information:
Last game update: 07/31/2016details
Game status: Ready for public hosting.
Current version: 3.60.414
Next update: TBD

Helpful Information:
Welcome to Pokemon BlueFire, a unique pokemon game made by fans, for all the fans of pokemon. Choose from 54 different pokemon as your starter pokemon and delve through dungeons on your own or with friends and others to level up your pokemon and conquer them. With battles happening in real time, you can defeat your enemies up close, from afar, using long range beam attacks, and Area of Effect (AoE) moves that will affect enemies and allies. Using items are the key to survival, restoring HP, Stamina and reviving other players.

There are also secret bosses inside each dungeons that are stronger than the regular bosses and can yield better rewards than them. Certain pokemon can drop from these bosses if the criteria is met. For more information about the secret bosses, talk to the Meowth located by the dungeon warp pad to the north of Elysius.

Gotten stronger from the dungeons you've been beating? then maybe you would like to try a event challenge from the Meowth to the south. There are currently 3 event challenges up to 4 players can participate at once, the more the players, the more likely you are to be able to survive the challenges and win awesome pokemon, TMs, and gain a lot of levels.

Want to battle your friends to prove who is the strongest? then visit the Tierra Colosseum located to the North East if Elysius, where you can challenge them on a 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3, or a 6 vs 6 battle in a single battle showdown.

As you may have noticed while walking around Elysius, there are 6 GYMs to fight. All the GYMs have been assigned a Gym Leader that are human controlled ( so it might not be possible to challenge them always, sorry ) and they all have strong pokemon nearing to the level 100 cap. Upon beating a Gym Leader you will receive a badge that when equipped will provide you with amazing bonuses, such as being able to attack faster, use less stamina when attacking and even be able to revive yourslef. Once each badge has run out of charge, you will need to battle the Gym Leader and win to recharge your badge.

Come join us in Pokemon BlueFire with our friendly community, unique battling system, dungeons, event challenges, PvP battling and Gym battles. We hope that you have fun playing this game and enjoy it as much as we do.

No AFK'ing in dungeons or event challenges for a long amount of time. We understand if you have to brb for important things in real life, but if you think you're going to be more than 10 mins then I insist that you log off. This is only because there is currently 1 instance for each dungeon and event challenge, after the dungeon has been completed, it will take about 2 mins to reset and it won't reset if there is anyone currently in the dungeon.

As for event challenges when everyone leaves, either by dying or completing, it will reset. If all the players die but have not yet returned to Elysius, the challenge will still go on. We recommend leaving the event challenge once everyone has died, as you could still be revived by another play first.

RESPECT other players and the staff of Pokemon BlueFire. No abusive language, swearing, trolling, spamming, sexual references, pestering players or admin, flaming etc is not allowed within the game if it is said intentional or not. If a member of staff isn't on at the time, we ask that you screenshot or printscreen the chat box and sent it to us, and we will issue a warning to the player(s). If this problem persists we will mute the player(s) for 5 mins and if this still continues, it will result in a permaneny mute or maybe a ban from the game.

No spamming AOE (Area Of Effect) moves. Recover level 3+ is the only good AOE move as it heals every player within that area. Other AOE moves such as Razor Leaf, Earthquake, Hyper Voice etc will damage everyone in the area (including players) except the user. This could kill new players very quickly and prevent them from levelling. Each AOE move has a certain range and most of the attack ones have a range of 4 squares all around the user. It is ok if you use Earthquake by a Flying type pokemon, OR if the move doesn't do too much damage to the other players.

No ADVERTISING - We don't like to advertise Pokemon BlueFire on other games, nor do we wish for other players to advertise other games on Pokemon BlueFire. We cannot take responsibility for this, and if this ever occurs we'd like you to screenshot it and send it to us. This will have consequences brought upon them, may resulting in a ban or removal of the pokemon.

No MULTI-KEYING allowed - We don't allow 2 Keys to be playing at the same time. Also any guest accounts will be unable to access the game. We DO allow you to play with a friend/family that is on a different computer than you.

We do not claim ownership of the contents used in this game. This is an unoriginal game made by fans. Pokemon and all the content used in this game is property of its respective owners.



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