Pokemon BlueFire

by RareScar
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Version 3.08.381
Date added: Mar 9 2011
Last updated: Yesterday
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Pokemon BlueFire
Dungeons, bosses, secrets, user-friendly battle system. [More]

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Last game update: 10/23/2014 details
Game status: Open
Current version: 3.08.381
Next update: Friday 31st, 2014

Helpful links:
PBF Frequent Asked Questions(FAQ) - Basics
PBF Item Drop Chart
How to evolve Pokemon

October 19, 2014
PBF has been updates. Please click here for information about the update.

The game isn't yet available for offline single-play. We apologize.


We do not claim ownership of the contents used in this game. This is an unoriginal game made by fans. Pokemon and all the content used in this game is property of its respective owners.

General Manager: Hir0shi

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