Era of the Shinobi

by Seventh
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Version 1.6
Date added: Mar 24 2012
Last updated: Feb 15
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Era of the Shinobi
A unique roleplaying experience based loosely in the Naruto universe [More]

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A Grand RP Adventure!!
Endless timeline, immensive environment with vast lands. Live and breathe the life as a Shinobi, Samurai and many others.

AllSmiles: Pixel Art



Sennalove: (Tuesday, 8:54 pm)
Should I really ask why ppl are spamming src here?
Fifthstorm45: (Aug 9, 1:38 pm)
Huh, strange decline of player base as of late.
Chumble93: (Jun 29, 2:15 pm)
In case anyone is wanting it dont mean to spam but Sasukehawk is falsly accusing me of selling there source so now I am publicly releasing it Just trying to get it out there feel free to delete this comment with no hard feelings
Mario289: (Jun 25, 5:11 pm)
Luckily we can still QQ here about the forums and the game suddenly going down.