New Shooter Project

by Y2kEric
Temporary HUB for a new shooting game [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version Alpha Build 22
Date added: Apr 4 2007
Last updated: Aug 9 2007
Last played: Jan 9 2011
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Last Updated: August 10, 2007 at 2:08 AM Central Standard Time

Almost done with new interface. Here's a sneakpeak
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Weapons: 24

Semi-Automatic Pistols: 5
Beretta 92
Glock 17
M1911 Colt
Mark XIX Desert Eagle
Colt Anaconda - Coming Soon!

Assault Rifles: 5
M16A2 - Coming Soon!
SA80 - Coming Soon!
OC-14 Groza - Coming Soon!
M14 - Coming Soon!

Sub Machine Guns: 4
P90 - Coming Soon!
MP5A3 - Coming Soon!
Uzi - Coming Soon!
Tec-9 - Coming Soon!

Shotguns: 1
M4 Super 90 - Coming Soon!

Sniper Rifles: 2
Dragunov SVD - Coming Soon!

Turrets: 1
M60E3 Turret

Grenades: 4
M67 Grenade - A grenade that destroys it's target with a burst of flying sharpnel.
Incendiary Grenade - A grenade that is filled with fire, it causes the enemies to combust.
HE Grenade - A grenade that consist of a compound known as, "nitroglycerin".
Smoke Grenade - A grenade that causes enemy's to lose their current target.

Mines: 2
Pressure Mine - A mine that explodes upon impact.
Proximity Mine - A mine that explodes when an enemy is near it.